Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sussing Out the Left

I read a blog post by "A Liberal Marines Progressive Perspective" today and several truths of the lefts tactics, when "proving" a point, jumped out at me.
tactic #1) Show an emotion inducing photo/video-or show a normal picture, as in this case, and inject your own emotions- then claim that it, the picture, represents/encompasses the entire reality of the issue at hand.

#2) Always quickly move on to one's next assumption (this one is most commonly used on t.v. and radio) before the last one can be challenged, thus establishing a whole new "fact" with which to build ones line of anti-liberty speech upon.

#3) Make things that are essentially acceptable, unacceptable. Examples; calling the American fighting man and the women who fight with him "boys and girls" or children- thus making it unacceptable that they should be fighting and dying- or, calling mass murderers and torturers, "detainees" and "prisoners"-which makes it unacceptable that they not be provided the protections afforded to civilized humans by the conventions that they spit on every day. Even though their uncaught comrades continue ripping apart the bodies of as many children, women, caterers, civil engineers, truck drivers, humanitarians, journalists and yes even those same American fighting men & women (when the killers know that it's time to die, they try that one) as they can as they continue to expand their target list, fighting to kill Freedom & Liberty whenever & wherever they can. All with the lefts blessing. What else do you call it when the U.S. President is called a nazi swine daily while these actual atrocities are NEVER condemed by the likes of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Verbosi, Al Gore, Dink Turbin & Co. or their public relations firms, the mainstream media ?

#4) Get your talking points straight so that everyone is singing the same song, even if it is out of tune and out of touch. If one listens to Rush at all, you can here on a regular basis how they all repeat a key phrase or word simultaneously, somehow through apparent osmosis. Who could ever forget 'gravitas' or more recently we've been inundated with news of the "quagmire"-this one being designed to get you in a huff because Iraq is "just like Viet Nam". And who ever gets tired of "(insert republican presidents name here) is an unrefined boob stumbling through the world & embarassing all of us in the eyes of the French ."?

#5) Always belittle your oppositions base. Right down to the evil SUV that they drive. Also, if you're a vet, try to remind the room of this fact almost as often as you say that regular -that'd be red state- Americans are idiots. They're bound to see the light and go your way eventually...aren't they ?

#6) Fear ! Fear ! Fear ! The misdirected kind that is. Serve it up hot and steamin' and keep shoveling it in the face of all rational thought or ANY tendency towards national survival. Also, make sure to put the blame squarely on the backs of the good 'ol U.S. fighting man and or his REPUBLICAN gub'ment/C.I.A. etc. so as to cause complete paralysis when it comes to actually doing something to protect our country from what is feared(although, as far as the Dems. are concerned, that's usually U.S.). "Could someone please pass the responsibilty ? Pass it right UNDER the table, I'm enjoying my hedonism right now. That's it Monica, a little to the left."

That's it, I'm done.

This is my response to Mr. "Liberal Marine".

I do not get you brother.I'm a former "Flyboy" and my brother is a Marine vet still serving as a civilian and I can see the fact that there's an opposition to the right,but YOU seem to have an opposition to American Supremacy because you think that WE are inherently evil,just as so much of the obviously believes right now.You know,there WAS opposition to FDR during WWII from the republicans but they did NOT act with such destructive disregard for their fellow citizens/Peacekeepers.Of course in a more just/patriotic time such as that,people acting as you and the left would've been shamed into submission if not taken up on charges.I would only ask that you reassess your core convictions.No,the majority is NOT always right,but YOU are screaming against the winds of Freedom.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Vox Blogoli redux

This post is in response to an indirect request made to yours truly by "radio shock jock" Hugh Hewitt. Well here you go Hugh, glad I could straighten you out on this whole, "how to deal with a liberal" quandary.
Following is the authors premises and then my responses to them.
The authors takes...
Premise #1-“On balance it is probably healthier if religious conservatives are inside the political system than if they operate as insurgents and provocateurs on the outside.
Premis #2 Better they should write anti-abortion planks into the Republican platform than bomb abortion clinics.
Premise #3The same is true of the left. The clashes over civil rights and Vietnam turned into street warfare partly because activists were locked out of their own party establishments and had to fight, literally, to be heard. When Michael Moore receives a hero’s welcome at the Democratic National Convention, we moderates grumble; but if the parties engage fierce activists while marginalizing tame centrists, that is probably better for the social peace than the other way around.”

My takes on the authors takes...
Premise #1) Religious conservatives are on the outside looking in at their own party.If you accept the fact that ostensibly, the president/presidential candidate of each party is the leader of that party-accept for the DNC, where the Clintons still rule supreme- all you need to do is count heads starting with Bush and it seems that half of his campaign/staff/contributors ARE the "religious right". 'Nuff said? 'Nuff said.

Premise #2) Bombers of "clinics" would serve as drafters of republican dogma if given the chance. This concept follows a familiar line of hysterics by the left which is "We are the status quo, and those gun toting, bible thumping moralists are dangerous and just plain wierd." If you respond to it, there's instant legitimacy for this swill. If you try to prove that they are wrong (see "compassionate conservative" and the lefts response to it, "Bush is Hitler/ He betrayed our country!!!/ The Iraq war was made up in Crawford Texas/ Bush will reinstitute slavery and lynch mobs will rule again" and on and on adnauseam) You've already lost. That kind of irrational belief when stated as a common knowledge fact, is literally impossible to respond to effectively. They've drunk the Koolaid by then, they're gone.

#3) If murder bombers and traitors want entry into the republican and democrat parties respectively, let 'em in while humoring the saner, larger mainstream of each parties core for the sake of "social peace". Wow! I had several teachers who tried this method in school. It essentially means that the loudmouth bully wins the day. I really must restrain myself from at least personal mocking of the author at this time, but I'll try to maintain. Sheesh!

As I've stated here before, in order for something to become irrelevant, you must first take that giant step of discontinuing acknowledgment of it.( Law of "polophysics"- the speed with which a democrat (whineous negatorous) becomes a meaningless footnote, is in direct relation to ones ability to lose interest in it) They think they matter , because we tell them so. The left barely deserves a chuckle tossed in their direction. You'll notice that every arguement from the left has become akin to the old Soviet style of court justice,"So mister republican fascist, when did you stop beating your wife?"
Dealing with them just slows everything down. So unless it's an academic excercise, I say just let 'em fall into the abyss they've been working so hard on laying paved road to all of these years. Also, one should NEVER use "How will THEY -the MSM- respond to this?" as a basis for determining the content of a blog or in any way stating what one knows to be fact, philosophical or otherwise (unless of course you find their reaction amusing) for fear of being percieved as a "right wing fascist"(an oxymoron if ever there was-nazi Germany was a LEFT wing state). I for one love that moniker and wear it with pride and good cheer. It's the fringe folks who are bitter and defensive for the most part. Be Right, be proud, have fun.

Finally, I don't care about the author, his publisher or what they believe or what this says about them. This was just another in the endless string of socialist pap that we should know better than to get wound up about. You might as well get excited about something oh, I don't know, say for instance what Dan rather said today. How inconsequential can one get? A little to the left please.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

1980 Frankfurt Gmbh air show

An A-10 "WARTHOG" in Frankfurt Germany back in 1980 (maybe '81) before they started earning their keep.
It was simply amazing back then. Now it's a blessing to the American
Freedom Fighter. God Love the minds that created this thing of beauty.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Open Season on Dem scumbags

If you're expecting common sense from the group of numbskulls that brought us, "The Iraq war was concocted on a ranch in texas."- see the traitor edward kennedy, or, "He betrayed us,he betrayed our trust!!!"- see the frothing terrorist moral support system that is Algore, or, "George Bush wants to return you to the plantation,he is destroying the Constitution & civil rights with the help of his sell-out 'house n...ers' Rice & Powell"- see any so called black leader(of the left that is,Jesse Peterson,PROJECT 21 etc. represent solid leadership that ANYONE should be comfortable with).
"They're" not getting better, folks. "They're" getting worse, and our troops, OUR Sons & Daughters, OUR Brothers & Sisters, OUR Mothers & Fathers, are dying in greater numbers because of "them".
"They" affect our enemy with energy & inspiration as the alkkkada dogs watch, learn and act,ie;they watch the democrat media and their sponsors, "Braburner", Algore and "Ted with malice",proclaim our so-called weakness & ineptitude indicating that we'll probably bail if enough pressure is applied. Hence, murder bombers, decapitations, mass slaughter of children etc. I'd put this bunch way ahead of "tv violence" as a cause of senseless mayhem in the world. We aleady know the communists played Kerry's voice to American P.O.W.s as they tortured them (thanks to the Swift Boat Vets for Truth for that valuable bit of illumination)."They" are the heart of the democratic party and I spit on them, the destructive dogs!

The dem party that once existed,the one of FDR,would've jailed these treasonous killers of the American fighting man.They are the ally of our blood enemy and should be purged from the land of Freedom loving people,because they seek to destroy it as we know it.(allowing for a couple of Possible exceptions like B. Obama)If you do not believe this to be true,give me one example of such treason during a time of WAR that wasn't met with the butt end of a rifle or a lynch mob or better yet,public humiliation with a trial,leading to hard jail time.I submit that this is unprecedented.The headlines should read,"Boxer tarred and feathered & ran out of town","Kennedy hanged in effigy,fleas U.S. in disgrace","Algore discovers lost conscience,hangs self in basement".I hate these bastards & 'bastardettes' for they are NOT, "formidable opponents",they are opponents of Freedom.Damn them to hell.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

NOT a larry king 3 dotter

Is it just me or do really old guys with young hot things throw you off a little...I don't care what anybody says, but Wayne Gretzky was a really GOOD hockey player...when I get sad, I just think of that tape of castro going ass over tea kettle...can we all just agree now at long last that Frank Sinatra had a great set of pipes?(okay, THAT was pure larry)...Nancy wasn't half bad she was hot in those boots...and that mini...God that hair...Oooooh!!!...and what's with these NBA kids?... I mean, are they gettin' enough or did that whole Kobe thing put the kibosh on their little "tension relievers" around the country... even an imensely virile man about town such as myself knows the virtues of a good cold shower...or some vigorous handball...hey, "blog" the dolphin if you hafta...just don't engage in one of those pathetic displays of attempted you guys are WEAK!...really... don't you ever watch the tape afterwards?... just like a bunch of chicks in a cat fight...slapping, grabbing, pawing...scratching!... you guys scratch!?! ...leave that to your "homie" with the mixer back "in da house" ...and stop with the "quick, somebody hold me back so I can look like I'm loaded for bear" maneuver..."what's that"?...Oh, well ya see, "loaded for bear" is an old expression that means, "I'm gon' tear yo ass up biatch", is written all over your was Ne Ne swingin' it tonight...Wow was that sad...just stop it... please !...Okay Paul, here we go with another top ten...Ladies & gentlemen, the Top 10 List for tonight is..."The Top 10 New Monikers for the N B A"
#10. Novice Beaters of Admirers
#9. Now Boxing is Alowed!
#8. Never Bitchslap Associates
#7. Nasty Beatings by Artest
#6. Nose Bleeds Administered
#5. Need Better Applicants
#4. No B-felons Allowed
#3. No-Body dis' Artest
#2. Nice to "Beat" u Again
and the #1 New screw it, Narcotics, Bling & Assault !!! Piece out ya'all ! You can retrieve Your weapons as you exit the building.



Thursday, January 13, 2005


One day in the old perversion mill....
Ted "Say Al, I'm famished, wadda you say we go downtown & split us a waitress sandwich?"
Al "Well Ted, I was just writing my latest screech about 'herr Bush', but what the heck, what Tipper doesn't know won't hurt ME. ha ha."
Later on... Ted " Well, er uh, here we are, 'Che Trudys'. Guess what? We're in luck, the waitresses aren't here yet, but the uh the willing Ms. Katrina Van den Hummer is here & waiting to 'entertain' us. I hear she can pull a softball through a...."
Al "Ted, Ted, I've been working on something, see what you think. 'George Bush betrayed us ! He betrayed us ! He robbed us of tax(revenu)es ! He failed his patriotic duty of turning a blind eye to our blood enemies while simultaneously embracing THEIR allies. He never appologizes for Americas crimes against..."
Ted "Ya Ya Al, come on, I'm already on my third shooter & Ms. Van den Hummer is falling under the influence of the 'fruit punch' I gave her. We gotta strike while the uvula's hot. You know what I mean?"
Al "Oh nevermind Ted, I've got an image 'er, country to save. If I don't get down to Jesse Jackson high by noon, who knows how many minds I won't get a chance to, indoctrin...'er, enlighten in time to save us all. I mean, we've got to keep close to half of the country buying this blame America line or we have no future !!!"
Ted "Oh yeah Katrina ! Right there ! WOWEE WOW WOW !!!"
Van den Hummer "Come on ted, say it ! Say it or I won't 'drown the Buick' !"
Ted "Oh okay. Death to America, death to America, George Bush is hitler, Bush is hitler...Yeah !!!"
Later, in the Malcom X Memorial gymnasium...Al "...and so in closing, I just want to say, George Bush is NOT hitler. Rather, he is the living embodiment of SATAN ! The camps I discussed earlier are being prepared. Prepared for all non-white, non-christian, 'non-traditional lifestyle', left leaning persons who will be processed for continued enslavement & eventual systematic geneci...."
.....and they lived insignificantly ever after. At least I wish they would.But, they're sure to continue to inspire a terrorist near YOU or SOMEONE YOU LOVE, real soon.May al & ted find "allah's justice" sooner still. Piece out homies


Monday, January 10, 2005

One man(s) take(s) on rathergate

Yeah that's right, move it along, the show's over, nothing to see here folks.

To all of my brothers of the blog, unless Your doing it for fun, spare me the "investigation". It's a kind of humiliation to try & explain what EVERYBODY know's. They use preconcieved notions about the right. I say that it is now "leftwinger Dan Rather" that we should refer to and that would say it all. It IS established by now is it not? They effectively label us ("Rightwing commentator Hugh Hewitt said...") all of the time.

Being outraged about the results of their own sponsored & controlled "investigation" would be like asking Robert Byrd to launch an investigation into how many murders, beatings, rapes & other attrocities he participated in against Americans whose skin color he did not approve of as a member of the KLAN & then acting surprised when it turns out he's "lily white". What are we afraid of ? That we'll be " wished into the cornpatch " if proof is not provided for our allegations? It may SEEM like an episode from the mind of Rod Serling, but WE actually have the upper hand. At least we could if we took command. Folks, everybody knows where they're coming from. It's called THE PAST. I say lets move on and leave them behind. It is so embarassing watching Hannity pussyfoot around with Bob Schiefer as he states the most patently pathetic lies. THEY are irrelavent, THEY have the burden of proof to meet. But they can't "prove" a fact that isn't true. So let them ramble on, on their own unwatchable venues, or at least call them on their miserable lies when they're being spewed in Your face on Your own show.

We don't need an investigation to prove who these dnc operatives really are do we? NO ! ("60 minutes ! Crossfire ! THEY'RE COOKING your brains SHOWS ! AAAAARRRRGH !!!) ZERO stories on SWIFTBOAT VETS FOR TRUTH !?! But we DO get the culmination of 5 years of "please someone, anyone, tell me a story ! I promise to believe !"

Everyone know's the creepy little kid who once had the power to turn "Uncle George" into a "Bush in the box" is a little snot and now he can't hurt us. He & the rest of them were ALWAYS petulant, privileged little suits full of emptiness. And now they've been reduced to toothless liars by the very illuminating brilliance of the Blogosphere's truth finding. I say let's turn the tables on them. Let's start spreading the word about the REAL truth of OUR beliefs and stop explaining the swiss cheesyness of theirs.

They HAD the weight of their reputation. Now it's gone. Let THEM try to assert the falsity of OUR views. It'll ring hollow & just speed them on their way to total irrelevance. We just feed them by paying so much mind to their little dog & pony show. To use another '60s tv reference, lets just laugh at them like Cpt. Kirk & the Klingon General did to that little ball of hate (no not Ty Domi ). They'll be forced to move on & cause dissent, confusion & senseless violence elsewhere. The UN would be great. Once we move it back (to the E.U.) from whence it came. Mark, over & out !

Gotta go.....nurse Ratchet's coming. Spread the word !


Sunday, January 09, 2005


Sung to the tune of
Jingle Bells.

Dashing through the sand,
In big ass freaking tanks,
They just got one hand,
Can't co-ver their "flanks",

Hell's a-bout to rage,
Cour-te-sy of US,
See the bastards run run run
When they're killed what's the fuss ?
OH !
Win the war, Win the war
Bombing them, to dust !
Oh how Great, it is to slay
The killers that we must

Win the war, Win the war
Water boar-ding's cool !
So when You're done
Don't use a gun
Or Durbin will get You.

Smashing en-e-my,
En-camp-ments is a joy,
With UN arms they flea,
With our bombs we ain't coy

Oh look at all the charred,
Al KKKada pride,
The war would not be marred,
If the press was on our side,
Win the war,Win the war,
Tell al gore, he's right,
Let him get, recruited by,
al qaeda for the fight,
Win the war,Win the war,
Then we'll get a shot,
At giving him, what he deserves,
Lets fill up his plot,

All we need to do,
Is find some "re-por-tor",
& show him World War 2 newsreals,
He MIGHT just join the war,

If THEY were pa-tri-ots,
ALL imbeds would see,
In this war there is one side bad
And people it aint we
Oh !
Win the war, Win the war,
Ain't it great to be?
Someone waving Stars & Stripes
And not some french "we we"
Hey !
Win the war, Win the war,
Laugh them straight- to hell,
& if they still- won't go away,
For treason they'll be jailed

Watching facsists fly,
From Smart Bombs Oh so fine,
Eat a roc-ket pie,
You racist scumbag swine.
ha ! ha ! ha !
CAN'T get them to see,
That THEY should a-dopt peace,
So Lets strafe a "mosque" tonight
And send them to Ha-des
OH !
Win the war, Win the war,
Congress su-cks out loud,
When will someone call their bluff
'bout the treason that abounds ?

Win the war, Win the war,
Keep teddy from - the pool,
And leahy is - a traitor too
They're all a bunch of tools.

They're aaall aaa buunch of toooools ! Oh yeah!


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Through a killer's eyes

re: jaffer (the ally of killers) ali's piece, "through racist eyes" posted on:
I am not a racist and this guy's a got damned NAZI ! Is it not inderstandable to be prejudiced against a whole people who raise their kids from birth to strap a bomb laced with ballbearings, rat poison, AIDS & whatever else their sick, less than human minds, can think of, then, go into as big a group of women & CHILDREN as they can find & praise their "God of love" allah as they blow everyones guts, eyes, brains & limbs all over a city block? THAT is what You never see on the nightly "news". One of the "hair in a can" lefty lapdogs will report,"...bomb explodes on bus, 17 dead". 17 what !?! Are they humans? Victims? Maybe they're just fodder for the cause of palestinian "liberation". Then, "...Israeli attack kills palestinian child...".Apparently there is some sort of human attribute(s) afforded to one group, while the other group is assigned a more numeric designation. See if you can determine which is which.
The fact that the attrocities of these murder-bombers are NEVER reported in a 1940s newsreel style, clearly delineating the difference between their evil & freedom's good, is proof positive of the media's total inability to see anything in a moral context. "One man's rape is another man's love making." Laura Ingraham is right, these ghouls ARE about "tragedy tv", but with an undeniable anti-liberty twist that has gone so far as to exalt the most heinous of tyrants (see the dog that was the celebrated nobel peace prize winning arrafat) while magnifying, exagerating & lying about ANY U.S.(or her allies) error or stumble whether real or imagined.
This ali guy apparently see's people who aren't a nice arian hue of white, as less than human. Unless they're good enough to slaughter Jews of course. But can't his side at least agree that joyfully ripping a little childs body apart is EVIL? Oh yeah, they're not children, they're not even human are they? They're just things to be killed in the name of... in the name of..."zig HILE, zig HILE, zig HILE !!!"

The killer nazi's family & "community" go into the street & celebrate these great "military victories" over the "filthy Jew". What should happen to the animals who derive joy from this type of unspeakable horror? One can only HOPE that there is a JUST God and He has reserved a very special place in hell for the grinning, raping, murdering scum that is the enemy of freedom loving people everywhere. They are legion.Their name is, "islamo-fascist". May they get to rotting as soon as possible. Amen

Just a little aside about the Palestinians history. What disease(s) have You cured? What famines have you relieved? What POSITIVE contribution of ANY kind have you come up with, for humanity, in the last thousand years or so? Oh yeah! The murder bomber! You must be soooo proud. Thank Allah you have the Jews to blame for your pathetic showing on the human scale.Otherwise, you might not look so good. Your brothers in (cut-off) arms brought us zero as they are always so proud to remind us of. Could it be that you have "less than zero" to offer? History would seem to indicate such.


Monday, January 03, 2005

Guaranteed winner for kerry

Posted at sometime in Nov. '04

Conversation with j.f. kerry, late OCTOBER 2004." Hey john, now that o.b.l. has released his little diatribe I've got the perfect response for you to win the election when you go out on the tarmac.Okay, you ready? Here's what you say to seal the deal, ' I'm john kerry & i'm reporting...' oops , wrong one. Okay, here goes 'Now that this little worm has shown his disgusting face again, it must be said that I believe George Bush is my brother, as I am his, as are we all brothers (& sisters) in arms against this killer of innocents(innocence? yes in more ways than one) and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS ON ELECTION DAY, I JOHN KERRY WILL STAND SIDE BY SIDE WITH GEORGE BUSH TO DESTROY THIS MISERABLE PIECE OF HUMAN DEBRIS & HIS ILK! ' There, got it all in. I know that there's only about 4 direct references to you...
yourself....directly. But it can't lose. One strategically placed bulge in your coat pocket & you might even get a few NRAers. Got it john? You say that and it's over, you win.....john....john..."
"Oh I'm sorry, what was that terry ? I was just thinking about the glory that was ME, back in my Cambodia days..."