Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hugh Hewitt & the Cartoon Cataclysm

Re; Cartoon Cataclysm
This is much like my disagreement with you on calling a traitor a traitor or treason, treason. When you say people should limit their speech due to the potential that YOU'LL be called mean names - as in the treason issue - or because thugs will organize to exploit the fear, 'er, "sensitive side" of those of us in the west, you have given control of the argument over to the thugs. We must come from a standpoint of strength, and to NOT show solidarity with the victims of this campaign of terror which is in essence, a demand to quell thought/debate, is a big mistake for those who know better. I believe you are a good man, it's just getting hard here to understand how your "good intentions" can make you so blind as to not know better. Wake up Hugh, they're still killing people, thought and descent, and at an accelerated rate, even though they're getting what you want them to have, which is censorship. These are brutes, mindless thugs and we must present a united front against them just as we are in Iraq & elsewhere if they are to ever get the message that brute force in response to an idea, no matter how offensive, is completely unacceptable and removes you from the family of civilized humans.(Believe me, there's a cartoonist or 9 that I'd love to deck.)
Rational STRONG people MUST overcome this march to drag us back into the dark ages.
Thanks for your time, a "HUGHge" fan who considers himself better for his years of listening to you. Please reconsider your stance on this, it's very important what you say on the radio,
Mark Ducharme

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