Monday, September 06, 2010

I love You, Jesus, My One, True God!

Many say, He is three. Other mumblers, who knows ?
But for my church and me, He is He and not those

"I am", said my God, the same one as is yers,
His staff and His rod, ease all he's and all her's

In darkness we struggle, as though lame and broken,
Resentments we smuggle, till truth we HEAR spoken

No demons, no giants. No longing for soul mates,
Is more than reliance, on His -prepaid- toll gates

Our one God our true One, is so mighty you see,
While He died, we did shun, Still He took Calvary

Oh His blood, makes red mud, But it cleanses us clean
By His conviction, Stains removed, no more seen

If they think that was done, By three ones, or some nun
Then how to explain, Verse 10 John, chapter one ?

Our father, Lord Jesus, who's ruling from Heaven
Needs not try to please us, it's us who has leaven

So lead us away God, From doctrines confusing
Before we run rough-shod, To lives of OUR choosing

Your grace and your mercy, abound with us fully
Until when we first see, As you beckon, not bully

To our Jesus all honors, our Lord and our savior
Flying solo we're goners, His light guides our behavior


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once Upon A Now, at the End of Times

If "I think, therefore I am" / frees us all, the white the tan
How'd we fall for this lame sham / by the founders of the Klan ?

It's much more than high ideals / or lofty exultations
Ill thoughts -this worlds' "god" conceals / while lies get propagation

"Spreading wealth" is very bad / so don't you bring attention
To "The One" and hurt his fad / so long job - bye-bye pension

His "hope" of bankrupting corps / and light bills through the ceiling
The truth his lying mouth warps / Fear this man? trust that feeling!

Lapdogs say, "Judge not his friends!" / Nor for achievements look
Mind not means, and neither ends / And like them, you'll love this crook

LA Times hides hate filled screed / while Barry sits applauding
Why'd they do this dirty deed? / Your trust, their job, defrauding

As "scribes" go, deep he is not / search: "essays", there's no entries
Accepting his, fake bio rot / no grades past "elementaries"

Banning guns, and babies too / his full time dedication
"Hope" for him, bad change for you / Don't whine, that's "transformation"

Pro-molester, his courts are / so don't you get assaulted
Friends of porn? They'll pass his "BAR" / queers, dykes now all exalted

If per chance, you keep us free / your flesh keeps us from terror
You got hurt? Just pay the fee / that's "change", that's not an error

Twenty years, with racist Wright ? / "That's wrong!", says press, "No linking!"
Under bus, he's out of sight / But Sarah's smeared for winking ?!

All in all, none dumber than / one racist, "Slow-Joe" Biden
"O looks smart!", that was the plan / "IQ gap"? Watch it widen

That's not all, big lies a key / Needing a whopper teller
One debate, fifteen told he / O said "Joe, that was stellar!"

Here we are, a hundred in / debt doubled, by these "winners"
Speaking up, a "cardinal sin" / "SHUT UP YOU!" says their spinners


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For Whom Barack Tolls...

...He Tolls for Thee

So hard to stop the smothering / it is too difficult
To stop the big "Big Brothering"/ that is Baracks "O-cult"
Our working brains must suffer / marxist "leaders" who insult
Preaching tax 'n spend's no tougher / than, false idol(s), to exalt

Our once proud Founding Fathers / spin at maximum revs'lution
Elite class has no bothers / Their "fix"? our futures' execution
Sins used for their excuse to / tax our well-fed, fat behinds off
Let's now fight and refuse to / sup at "B. Husseins' Mankind Trough"

For the "good of all" / chant gun retrievers
"Hands against the wall! / well armed achievers"
"You there, earning cash / onto your 'greed', are we"
"Hand to us your stash / or you'll serve 1 to 3"

No place for you to hide / not even in the womb
Pro-Life (you, they deride) - precepts B.O. does doom
Up spines, there goes the shivers / from state enforced mortalities
NEW FINES: for "hoarding" livers / or fighting "His" legalities

So if per chance you catch one / small glimpse of Liberty
O's chains, to her, attach none / lest you turn "lib-dirty"
That is the way THEY do it / that is the way it's done
To freedom they say "screw it" / their rights now under "His" gun

Hide you not in your hard work / nor to your God pray thee
Love "Him" not and you're a jerk / too "blind with hate" to see
Just watch the "news" and believe / no doubts enter your noggin
Embrace his views, to his "truth" cleave / or you they'll soon be floggin'


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When it's ALL for Obama

When it's all for Obama
We all will then strive
To find one non-taxed dollar
On a nickel to thrive

When it's all for Obama
In Christ Jesus don't live
Just sing, "Harry Rama"
To Big Brother, tithes give

When it's all for Obama
Fam'ly vans all subdued
5 times daily face Mecca
"Least we're off oil, so crude!"

When it's all for Obama
Gift of life not an issue
Oh spare him the drama
She's not life, He's just tissue

When it's all for Obama
Words have expirations
(He just added a comma)
And lies have variations

When it's all for Obama
We'll worship "Big Brother"
Like kids and grand-momma
Their lives shall he smother

When it's all for Obama
You'll be counting each footstep
Terror night in pajamas
As away you will be swept

When it's all for Obama
"Safely tucked in Moms' womb"
Will mean more to a llama
"Earths' rights" over us loom

When it's all for Obama
Strolls daily, on water, he
Might invite Dalai Lama
But to the right he'll not see

When it's all for Obama
Paradise we'll have found
Next stop? NIRVANA!
But to God cast not crowns

When it's all for Obama
These writings will cease
Did my door just slamma ?!
OW! My head they just creased !

H/T Mike Tempke


Friday, September 05, 2008

The "Careful with that Ax, Obama" Caption Contest

Send your entry before midnight tonight, and it will be considered for possible grand prize sweepstakes, or not.
Amazing facts section
I got this pic from which has a link to, better sit down for this one, Cats for Obama! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! It also features the following text above a series of pics (both there, and not there strangely enough): President Barack Obama's Family History
My gast has never been so flabbered.