Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moore : Persecuted Genious or J.Goebbels wannabe ?

Check out this story by E-online. The whole thing is one big money quote, but here's a zinger or two to illustrate how unbiased and completely objective they are over there at E entertainment TV:

"Maybe Michael Moore isn't paranoid, because it sure seems like the government really is out to get him." Nope, nothin' wrong with that statement of fact.
"In March, the Fahrenheit 9/11 helmer and a trio of first responders who had fallen ill after working around ground zero traveled to the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay to demand the same quality health care that administration officials publicly promised was being given to suspected Al Qaeda terrorists held there." Hey I know, me and a couple of Cuban escapees ought to assail Mrs. Clintons campaign headquarters with demands that she now provide the wonderful universal HC that he was getting as a citizen of that bastion of human dignity and equality, Castros Cuba.
"After getting no response from U.S. authorities (Well come on now, even Dink Turbin knows they're just a bunch of little Pol Pots,Nazis and Gulag thugs down there, so what did he expect ?), Moore and his traveling companions subsequently received free medical treatment from Cuban doctors, which the 53-year-old helmer depicted in Sicko, ostensibly to point out the failings of America's health-care system." I've noticed an attempt to use the word "helmer" as a way to elevate the guy from his phony working class roots / image. What the hell is up with that ?
"A journalist can go, and this is a work of journalism," said Moore. "And frankly, the larger point is being missed here. The point is that first of all, can we all agree we should take care of our 9/11 rescue workers?"
The statement elicited cheers from the studio audience. (Now really, is there a bigger bunch of fucking tools on this planet than the average audience of the "Tonight Show", bill maehr etc.? Holy SHIT, how do these people even manage to feed themselves !?!)
Moore's attorney, David Boies, could not be reached for comment.
(at least this guy's got some humility)

"(T)he Weinstein Company has agreed to donate 11 percent of Sicko's box office to help ailing 9/11 workers who have been ignored by the Bush administration." No doubt, the assembled masses of drooling dorks were again moved to slap their pasty hands together and yell "WOO-WOO!" in mind-numbed obedience, to this choreographed and staged pile of shit of a self serving statement in answer to jay "the lapdog" lenos' panting query about the actual magnitude of his lordships wonderfulness. My 50 Gal. waste can is not large enough to contain the bile rising up from one mention of this communist and America hater. May we awaken from this nightmare and find that he is just a disgusting, and very effectively creepy, puppet in a really bad "lost episode" of the Twilight Zone. God halp us !


Monday, July 30, 2007

Help US Win Iraq War


10,000+ To Take to Streets
Supporting Missions of Troops in Iraq

STORY POSTED ONLINE HERE: http://www.moveamericaforward.org/index.php/MAF/MAFNews

(SACRAMENTO) – With General David Petraeus set to report to Congress by September 15th on the progress of “the surge” of U.S. troops in Iraq, supporters of Operation Iraqi Freedom are preparing to launch a massive public effort to show support for the missions of U.S. troops in Iraq.

From September 3, 2007 through September 15, 2007 the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: www.MoveAmericaForward.org) will lead more than 10,000 supporters in a cross-country caravan called the “FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR.” The caravan will stop for more than 25 pro-troop rallies along the way. Thousands of Americans have already signed up to join the tour in just the first few days since it was announced online.

"We need to convey to our troops and the world in general that America doesn't lose. We don't turn our backs on our courageous men and women in uniform and we don't walk away from the Iraqi people who desperately seek democracy and freedom," said Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.) who serves as Vice Chairman of Move America Forward.

"The Fight for Victory Tour is absolutely essential to demonstrate our support of our troops and to send a clear signal to the anti-military folks in this nation that we will not let them bring about an American defeat in Iraq or the greater war on terror. Victory is the only option and we're not backing down from the fight at hand," Colonel Patterson said.

The caravan will be led by veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom, along with Gold Star Families (who lost a loved one in Iraq) and Blue Star Families (who have a loved one serving in Iraq).

“We’re going to send a message of support for our troops that will be heard from the shores of the Pacific Ocean all the way across this country to the Atlantic Coast – we support our troops and their missions and we won’t let anyone force them to surrender to the jihadists,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

The current schedule for the caravan includes pro-troop rally stops in more than 2 DOZEN cities across America including:

* Carson City, NV
* Sacramento, CA
* San Francisco, CA
* Modesto, CA
* Fresno, CA
* Los Angeles, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Yuma, AZ
* Phoenix, AZ
* Tucson, AZ
* Las Cruces, NM
* El Paso, TX
* San Antonio, TX
* Waco, TX
* Crawford, TX
* Dallas, TX
* Oklahoma City, OK
* Wichita, KS
* Kansas City, MO
* Des Moines, IA
* Cedar Rapids, IA
* Chicago, IL
* Indianapolis, IN
* Cincinnati, OH
* Columbus, OH
* Pittsburgh, PA
* Washington D.C.

More details can be found about the upcoming “Fight for Victory Tour” at: www.MoveAmericaForward.org


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Curse the Turds and the Immams

Hey buddy, didn't you hear ? The Iraq Surrender Monkeys and pussies in congress want to have a little chat with you.
Click on the above pic for more wonderful examples of Iranian /(and I do mean, SLASH) shiria "justice" courtesy of Iran Focus. Kinda warms the heart, doesn't it ?
Here's another fine example of peace, Irish style. Danged potatoe famine! It missed one! Thank you Gateway Pundit, and all who assist his fine work.
I'm sorry, getting speechless here.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

California, the Hooeyful

For the uninitiated, California is a haven for loons. Of course there's the, One-eyed Pantdropping Leftlurcher (we have many,the creepiest is mark leno). There is also the, Baby Killers and Whale Backhumpers.

Now you can add another moonbat to the list of ever expanding,not so endangered species. This one I christen, "The Nattering NoNobs of 'We'll All Soon be Burnt to a Crisp'-aloonicus". (Pretty sick stuff. You should go look at it right now.)They forage about the territory looking for twigs and such so as to form piles of crap that appear as billboards screaming,"Global Warming isn't just a fact,it's a choice!" I keep trying to take a photo of one, but every time I point to click, they flip their crazy slats to an add for Indian gambling casinos or something. I think they're running a conspiracy to make me look, not a little, nuts. That is all, carry on.


Monday, July 09, 2007

And the Band Played on...

There is a set of plainly stated facts in this column by Lorie Byrd at Wizbang blog.

They have a great blog over there and link to the absolute cream of the blog world. This story includes much of that solid sourcing. As for the story itself, may you please say a prayer for Airman Jonathan Schrieken ? He is much more deserving of American support and attention than the scum at Gitmo, his assailant (if the media even mentions this story,how much do you wanna bet they show the would be killer in a sympathetic light ?) or any of your garden variety purveyors of nonsense on what has become the average episode(ic) of Hannity and Colmes or any other "news" program.("Tragedy TV" as Laura Ingraham likes to call it.) God bless, and keep you from any further unnecessary harm, Airman Schrieken

And here's to truth in the lapdog,advocate, home of the leftwing extremists, mouthpiece for the DNC, mainstre....Holy crap, what am I saying? Honesty from those creeps? I've been engaging leftwing wack jobs too much, the delusional is rubbing off on me, ugh.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Few of my Favorite things...

Joshua Chacon has some really nice Christian sounds that you should hear.

This is an oldy but a forgotten classic. (Check out the story behind the poem. Very profound.)

The Ventilators "Rock the casbah" with this little ditty over at Hot Air.
(You simply must see this, it is AWSOME!)

And here's a classic from my Townhall blog, "Absurdities Illustrated".


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Inaugural Caption Blog Fest

So I says to myself, "Self" I says, "Why's can't you be havin' one a dem dere caption thingys ?" I mean, if I'm good enough for "V the K's" site, why not take a shot at it myself, right ? Then of course I have been spamming, er, visiting "The Bullwinkle Blog" too long not to share their wholesome goodness. "Right Pundits" has been totally wrong when judging my outstanding talent, but hey, I am not without gratitude for their being there when it's late and I'm jonesin' mad for a good pic to inspire my creative juices. Third, but certainly not third, in this aimlessly constructed list of something or other, is the world famous "WILLisms" (I heard a rumor that it was founded and is being entirely run by the decapitated,and you know whatified head of Billy Mummy. Will wonders never cease ? Certainly, WILLisms won't.)

Now that I've dispensed with those amatuers, it's time for the real flakes of the bunch: "The Gone Rick Motel" never passes on a chance to ignore my genious(I know,I know, you don't blame him, either. It's just that I was so sure that people would really like me once they didn't get to know me.) "Support Your Local Gunfighter" normally has some good stuff, although I see nothing in the way of a CC right now . You should go there regardless. Getting in on the ground floor means everything. "The Bagel Blogger" has very busy pictures and I tend to get distracted and somewhat con.....wait...what was I... "FIRST IN" is my biggest fan or visa mastercard or something, all I know is, ladys and gents, dey be representin' pretty good. "Brainfuel" has gone unmolested by anything of note by my little click-clackings. Great pics though. "Outside the Beltway" is in temporary hibernation but said to be returning before you can write your name in the snow....in Siberia. "Public Pondering" is having A Little Holiday Fun Caption Contest. Oops, forgot Wizbangs weekend contest.

Well, I guess that's it. Those are the only people I know in the world and not one of them may I call friend. I must keep the faith however. Somewhere out there, is a soul who understands me. Someone who knows the signifigance of a good one line zinger, and all of the positive change that it can affect in this crazy mixed up world. Oh look, here he is now! Hi Cowboy Blobs' Saloon! How you doin' man ? No, don't answer, cause you're aces with me. Ya big lug you.

That's it. Be sure to tip your, "not necessarily one who dates the same sex and or is sexually ambivalent, waitress" on the way out. By ya'all, and here's your obligatory "caption" contest thingy:

(Photo courtesy of Ron Edmonds at AP. I understand they are still looking for Jamil Hussien)

Let him have it folks...folks ?......Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello

Will post winners later some time in the future, and please keep it clean folks. If you want to send a photoshop, Ill give it a shot. Still a knuckle dragger when it comes to these here think-box thingys. (p.s. I am the one known as "pudge" in most places, "2spothipshot" in most Google places and "2cuteX1/2" at the Gone Rick.)


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Thank you for my freedom, American fighting man. May God bless you.


This post is for my brother...SO LAY OFF


Well ? I warned you didn't I ? Well didn't I ? Now you have to go through life with that stupid grin on your face...and as a pillar of salt.

Here's another, more PG like funny.

And here's a link to a good Caption Blog. I am the one known as, Danceswith2spothipshot. Well, partially.

Just a minute.... I think I see a simpleton. Hey, buddy,


Sorry. He was getting on my nerves. I'm used to my regular guy.
Well I hope you can put this stuff to good use. Make sure you forward
the Haliburton check on time this month, okay ? Later, MD


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can You say,"Acts Detrimental to America"

This is disgusting. NBCs' part in it I mean. Will we ever even ask traitors like this to stop featuring their handywork on primetime national tv ? The needless suffering and death that irresponsible organizations like NBC wantonly promote and encourage is horrific. Will they ever answer for it ? Apparently not until that fateful day of final judgement I am afraid.

Of course....there's always the one benefit of being overrun by the jihadists some day, and that would be paying a visit to the local town square, soccer stadium etc. to watch them behead the miserable dogs. Screw it, lets go pour a cocktail and enjoy the new Jihad Rage Boy Television Special. (I hear it's chock full of music and comedy, a veritable cornucopia of a variety show.)


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Talk Radio is People! It's PEOPLE !!!

Why is it when the people speak, guys like Grahamnesty and McLaim only hear the 10 percenters ? That's right, they don't do what the people want them to do, they simply find some folks who agree with them and say, "See, I'm a person of the people." Just once I'd like to see the people they were talking about include me and my tax payin' ass. When do they ever have compassion for that "little" demographic ? I'll tell you when, never, that's when. They're too busy sounding the siren against us "ignorant hoards". These "persons" are so got damned arrogant that they will be voted out on their tin ears and they will still think the voters blew it. Just watch the books that come out of these guys after they dry up and blow away politically. They'll all sound just like David Gurgen. Uhhh! Oh man, look out ! I think I'm gonna hurl !