Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Got Yer "Profile in Courage" right here!

Stick around. A list of great comprimising American moderates to follow. This is amazing. Miss Malkin over at Hot Air gets out of the way and lets them humiliate themselves. It truly is amazing. The will of the people is "dangerous" now. Kinda reminds one of that November night in 1994 when Brokaw referred (reefered?) to us - the republican hiring electorate- as "throwing a temper tantrum".

Anyway, here's the list:

Gettin' tired, I'll finish it later...


Al Qeda Embarasses Rosie O'Dumbell...again

Rumor has it that the gargantuan biggot swears there is an internet site that was built to destroy the myth that Jeep 4X4s will explode under and circumstance. Look for her to be hosting her own prime-time network show debunking such "lies" starting this fall season.

Here is her audition tape.

Praise be to Michelle Malkin for her endlees resource of a site, er, sites.


Me Links this is a Lively Discussion

As a "Coulterist", I don't like the way this whole thing is spiraling down into the abyss of trollville....Of which I am apparently the mayor.

Check out OTB sometime if you have not yet done that smart thing. But keep your keys off that Caption Contest. It's mine! Do you here me! MINE I SAY!

Much thanks to Free Republic for the pic.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's that bothersome 'Will of the People' again

When will you "loud people" learn to stop being such a nuisance ?

Strangely, some foriegn female named Michelle Malkin agrees with you uncouth barn dwellers.

Here's a cute little ditty called, "The Amnesty Bill Blues"


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nombre, Can You Spare a Peso ?

"Hi America! We're all undereducated
and half of us are 'Moms' and 'Dads',

"At least we're not shooting each this particular moment."

"Let's GO - Heave HO ! HEY ! Maybe if we all pull together, we can stop this whole 'U.S. Sovereignty' thing ! NO REIGN - NO REIGN - NO REIGN - NO REIGN...!!!"

"Anyways, why should we look up to a bunch of 'dead white guys' ?"

Praise be to public edjimucation !

Vive la MEJICO !

Borders are for conservatives and other nazis !

Prepare for the end of drinkable water !

The end is nigh !

(Brought to you by "Lettuce Pickers for el Busho" - local 666)



Monday, June 25, 2007

Texas Fred is an Unkempt Rogue (of a lying pussy)

(Updated-Read COMMENTS)When people say stupid things like, "Texas is full of steers and queers", they're talking about Texas Fred. He is not only a homosexual and a communist, but he makes love to said steers. Here he is after a typical night of revelry:

Miss "Pickle Bunny" as he likes to be known, is an actual pirate of sorts as well. Here's an email he sent to a good friend: "I looked at your URL... Are you Mark Levin?? Or just a fan??

That's some funny stuff you posted on the caption thing...


Miss "Pickle Bunny", aka, "Pinko Fred,the Bovine Sodomist ", then deleted all of those funny posts and when asked why, said: "What are you talking about??"

Well Miss "Pirate Texas Pickle Bunny", "Fred the Princess" or whatever your name is, I'm talkin' about the fact that you are an ass-sucking liar !

AND STOP MOLESTING THOSE POOR INNOCENT STEERS ! They never did anything to you !

Anyway, here's the "caption thing" and some of the "funny stuff" I still had in my noggin.(Feel free to add to it if you like.)

"Smile and wave you augmented boob! Don't you know how much they hate us !?!"

Seen here posing for the cover of "The Guiness Book of World Records" are the former record holder and new champion of "Lowest possible public approval ever".

(W thinking)"Wow, she's saggin' lower than a 'Crip' at an Akon riot,er,um,gang rape, um, I mean, concert."

Always the jokester, W just couldn't resist posing for a few "goof shots" after putting a pants suit on the Gloria Swanson figure at Madame Tussauds.

There were others which couldn't be retrieved. Put 'em back Texas Fred, or "Princess Pickle Bunny", or whatever your name is, you livestock porking welcher ! Shame on Fred the prevert !Long may he get 50 hits or less a week (all from Viagra shillers). A curse be upon you, Fred the steer savaging pirate princess. I spit in your general direction, PUWAH!


!!! That's no update! Read the comments now. Now that's an update.(poor 'Backwards Freddy the Non-Sensical', the woeist of the woes are upon him) !!!