Friday, March 31, 2006

America's Funniest GOP Ads

It must be illustrated just how the democrats belie their own claims of "pro-America/pro-troops" support with a very hard hitting and accurate ad campaign. Here's what you do: Show a picture of someone like Ted Kennedy,John Kerry,Hillary Clinton,Dink Turbin etc. with some of their endless attack of negativism against our President and the American Fighting Man, during time of war in the last year...Then, show ALL of the rhetoric these same "supporters of the troops" have angled against THE worst blood enemies of the United States in existence, in the same period of time, during a war for our very existence. Perhaps crickets chirping would help illustrate the point.
What I'm saying is, GET SOME DAMN BALLS AND ENTER THE FIGHT. The democrats-much like al qeda- understand how to fight and just like our blood enemies, it is easy to show how destructive they truly are by simply outlining their own actions that result in the moral building of these killers and the subsequent mass murder they commit "knowing" that they can trigger another "Vietnam Quagmire" that the American people will eventually give up on, leading to U.S. humiliation and millions more subjected to slaughter, slavery and indoctrination into the culture of "hate/death to America" that was the true result of j. kerry and his ilk following their successful destruction of the fight against communism in southeast Asia.
Hey G.O.P.! GROW A PAIR! WOULD'JA!?!Sometime between now & election day'll be fine thanks.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About Michael Ware

This is a serious post.
Just heard Hugh Hewitt interview Michael Ware (here's the link to "Radio Bloggers' audio), the extremely troubling reporter, who imbeds with arguably the most prolific sadists alive on the earth today. I say you can't just hang out with a bunch of calculating professional killers of innocents as an observer like one can with U.S. Fighting Men and have their only concern be for your safety . To the contrary, you can bet they exploited this person who is ostensibly the west's eyes and ears in the terrorist pipeline.

The above should be obvious to anyone who dwells on it beyond face value for a moment but I believe that Mr. Ware has actually been turned into a tool for al qeda just because it is so insane to think that , run his own little reality show at ANY risk to their image without total and absolute control of content.

If you listen to Mr. Ware speak you will hear patterns in his speech, or rather, you will hear actual speeches that have been commited to memory as if by rote. Although I believe that Mr. Ware is not brave but more of a thrillseeker-yes,there is a difference- he IS very articulate and capable of forming original sentences on a recurring subject. This fact combined with his spending much time with people who derive satisfaction, a sense of acclomplishment and feel closer to their creator when they are commiting unspeakable attrocities and it seems obvious to me that Mr. Ware has been subjected to being a witness to things like controlled, conscious, dismemberments of other human beings. This is something that when in the presence of, can have the same effect as confronting your own mortality. No words would need to be spoken to convey the message of witnessing a human slaughter(s) and all that it entails for anyone that is an enemy of these killers. The witness however, would be able to concoct a rationalization that he just happened to be there, so what if he can't tell everything that happened ? 'It's better than no reporting at all, I mean hey, CNN reported less than me for over 10 years for the privelidge of their safety. They could have easily killed me but they didn't (thank you oh merciful one!).' What's the name of that syndrome people get when held in captive terror ?

So Mike Ware is the Manchurian reporter. We have whole networks of them here in America and they seek out their indoctrination, then wrap themselves in a nice little bubble so as not to wreak any havoc on the illusion. I have more hope for Mr. Ware assuming he can ever get to a point where he realizes that it's not all about him. That and a quart of sodium pentithol...


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Waters Gets Wet, Back at Illegal Alien Protest

Los Angeles,Saturday March 25th
With helicopters above and the news media outnumbered on the ground for the first time since (insert name & date of any Christian/"rightwing" oriented demonstration here) tens of thousands of hard working, law abiding protestors left there jobs and blocked traffic,commerce,ambulances etc. for hours to display there disgust at the notion that they may have to live in their own countries. "Your President Bush is a hateful man, a killer of thousands of my fellow Mexican people who are just trying to find a better life for their families here in this terrible, hateful country" said a man with many diamond rings on his hands just before "trading" several packets of "produce" with another man with gold teeth. He then sped off in his brand new Cadillac yelling, "Viva Vicente !!!".

Elsewhere, a man in his fifties, referring to the work that Mr. Bush himself calls, "jobs that no self respecting American would ever take"(in so many words), said,"They are crazy ! These people want US to leave ? Who then will you get to harvest your lettuce, to pick your tomatoes, to walk around all day in cow leavings !?! To take lousy pay for disgusting work in exchange for my human dignity...?" The man left to join the border patrol of Southern Mexico. "I don't need this crap!" he was heard to say.

Later, the crowd parted as if by Jesus herself when Rep. Maxine Waters appeared before astonished gazes and rapture."I have come to tell you that you have nothing to fear from the great devil in Washington. If you can lift your hand, you have nothing to fear! If you can swing a club, you have nothing to fear! If you can huck a stone, You have nothing to fear! If you can block the path of an oncoming minivan, remove the occupants, and then mercilessly beat them until they love you, I am here to tell you, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR! " The crowd stood awstruck by this amazing orator. A young immigrant worker was heard to say,"Man, I just want to feed my kids. And besides, wasn't this a protest to keep us here ? I don't want anymore of them coming in either. They're trying to take MY job too ya know ?", but the chants of,"No union pay scale/benefits/retirement package, No Peace!", drowned him out.

Then, everyone milled around for a few minutes and went back to work. Also, Ms. Waters limo was apparently "baptized" with "holy water" and keyed by what looked to have been about 50,000 claw hammers, rakes and or feather dusters. "My people" she said, and with a wry, knowing kind of smile, laid rubber a half mile straight out of the area while spraying machinegun fire from the built in turret in her bullet proof stretch Hummer. Later,her assistants passed out leaflets explaining Ms. Waters "illustration" of the affects of the Bush/Cheney policy on gun & ammo control. A policy that resulted in the death of this reporters shield er..uh photographer. That's it from L.A.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

21st Century report on WW II

Dec. 8 1944
Dateline: A hotel in Switzerland Today, after three years of Franklin Roosevelts "War Against Fascism", the groundwork for impeachment was believed to be started when a motion to censure Mr. Roosevelt was put forward by the opposition party. "This is a war that was made up in Warm Springs Georgia by a warmonger posing as our president" said Senator Tedward Drowner during a nationally broadcast radio speech from the floor of the senate. "Over two hundred thousand of your innocent children -who have nowhere else to go to make a living after this buffoon in the Whitehouse caused the worst economy in 50 years- have died trying to fight against both a country that NEVER attacked us and the imperial nation of Japan who was provoked into Pearl Harbor and would leave us alone if we would just stop fighting back". Senator Drowner then stood side by side with fellow party members Dink Turbin, Barely Freed(the only remaining former slave owner in the senate) and Clancy Verbosi to announce proudly and to much applause, that together they had "killed the 'War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944'". Senator Drowner reiterated his oft stated belief that the "Pearl Harbor Commission" proved which is, Mr. Roosevelt had commited "high crimes & misdemeanors" when he chose to hire a really slow typist to translate the Japanese coded transmissions leading up to the alleged attack on Pearl Harbor as outlined in the Academy Award winning short, "Arizona, Deep-Six-Down", wherein Oscar winner Trifle Bore documented how Mr. Roosevelt didn't even get out of his wheelchair, run to the nearest machinegun turret and start blasting the Jananese Zeros, proving his obvious collaboration with the Regime that had lined his "Big Saki" buddie's pockets with lots of cash. It is not judged here as to the voracity of any or all of the above claims but since we'll never give front page attention to Mr. Roosevelt's response, what other conclusion can one come to ?
Combine this with the fact that former president Herbert Hoover has gone abroad to skewer Mr. Roosevelt as an incompitent, bloodthirsty, profiteer who's only interest is to fullfill his childhood fantasy to be a war hero draped in glory and you have a .3 % approval rating by the American people who have apparently grown weary of sacrificing there under educated, employment starved children to a war that is at best a boon to the military industrial complex(and "big saki").
Dateline: Warm Springs Georgia "No blood for Jews" a sign screamed out at the world surrounding Lindy Screedman, a young idealistic mother of 3 from Terre Haute Indiana. "Bring our kids home Mr. Roosevelt ! You don't know how it feels for your children to die for a lie !" she said to a large cadre of journalists and photograghers. "Leave the 'Nazi Freedom Fighters' alone before you force them to firebomb London again. Liberate the Japanese from your evil war machine Mr. Roosevelt, your war machine that slaughters and kills thousands of innocent kamakazi pilots by ramming your warships into there delicate, ricepaper covered fusilages....." It goes on & on like that constantly so when we need a "fresh" quote, we just unplug our ears and start scribbling.Miss Screedman will be fitting the crosses of a local veterans cemetery with "He Lied, I Died" t-shirts when interest in her current angle runs out.
Dateline: Hollywood The "Jitterbug, Not Bombs" concert to be held on May 31st has been bumped up to April 1st to accomodate the masses of Hollywood elites and entertainers who vowed to exit the country within 90 days of Mr. Roosevelts inauguration(they wanted to allow for his ill health to kill him as a prayer vigil to bring about his death was being held non-stop since election day and seemed to be coming along nicely). The lead act, Fare N. Dopelan rewrote his classic, "Welfare for the Socialist Worker, Man !" to include the line, "Pardon me comrad, is that a killer in the Whitehouse ?". Also, it is expected that Dark Fable(fresh off her "chopawangfromme" operation) and her lover, Mean Harlett, are going to introduce the new man in their lives.
In other news around the world: The reverberations are still emitting from former presidential candidate J. Algore Fulbright's speech in Austria last week where he told his Arian audience of the horrors their brother patriots had experienced in America when they were found under several harbors mining their own business. "They're rounding you up like ordinary Jews or Christians or something and then, after a kangaroo court, they hang your innocent compatriots !!!" Former Vice President Fulbright was later seen posing for pictures in front of several "dirty mennonites" swinging from a nearby peachtree, in lovely early blossom. As of yet, it appears only the Nobel commitee will step forward to recognize this maverick statesman.