Friday, March 31, 2006

America's Funniest GOP Ads

It must be illustrated just how the democrats belie their own claims of "pro-America/pro-troops" support with a very hard hitting and accurate ad campaign. Here's what you do: Show a picture of someone like Ted Kennedy,John Kerry,Hillary Clinton,Dink Turbin etc. with some of their endless attack of negativism against our President and the American Fighting Man, during time of war in the last year...Then, show ALL of the rhetoric these same "supporters of the troops" have angled against THE worst blood enemies of the United States in existence, in the same period of time, during a war for our very existence. Perhaps crickets chirping would help illustrate the point.
What I'm saying is, GET SOME DAMN BALLS AND ENTER THE FIGHT. The democrats-much like al qeda- understand how to fight and just like our blood enemies, it is easy to show how destructive they truly are by simply outlining their own actions that result in the moral building of these killers and the subsequent mass murder they commit "knowing" that they can trigger another "Vietnam Quagmire" that the American people will eventually give up on, leading to U.S. humiliation and millions more subjected to slaughter, slavery and indoctrination into the culture of "hate/death to America" that was the true result of j. kerry and his ilk following their successful destruction of the fight against communism in southeast Asia.
Hey G.O.P.! GROW A PAIR! WOULD'JA!?!Sometime between now & election day'll be fine thanks.



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