Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About Michael Ware

This is a serious post.
Just heard Hugh Hewitt interview Michael Ware (here's the link to "Radio Bloggers' audio), the extremely troubling reporter, who imbeds with arguably the most prolific sadists alive on the earth today. I say you can't just hang out with a bunch of calculating professional killers of innocents as an observer like one can with U.S. Fighting Men and have their only concern be for your safety . To the contrary, you can bet they exploited this person who is ostensibly the west's eyes and ears in the terrorist pipeline.

The above should be obvious to anyone who dwells on it beyond face value for a moment but I believe that Mr. Ware has actually been turned into a tool for al qeda just because it is so insane to think that , run his own little reality show at ANY risk to their image without total and absolute control of content.

If you listen to Mr. Ware speak you will hear patterns in his speech, or rather, you will hear actual speeches that have been commited to memory as if by rote. Although I believe that Mr. Ware is not brave but more of a thrillseeker-yes,there is a difference- he IS very articulate and capable of forming original sentences on a recurring subject. This fact combined with his spending much time with people who derive satisfaction, a sense of acclomplishment and feel closer to their creator when they are commiting unspeakable attrocities and it seems obvious to me that Mr. Ware has been subjected to being a witness to things like controlled, conscious, dismemberments of other human beings. This is something that when in the presence of, can have the same effect as confronting your own mortality. No words would need to be spoken to convey the message of witnessing a human slaughter(s) and all that it entails for anyone that is an enemy of these killers. The witness however, would be able to concoct a rationalization that he just happened to be there, so what if he can't tell everything that happened ? 'It's better than no reporting at all, I mean hey, CNN reported less than me for over 10 years for the privelidge of their safety. They could have easily killed me but they didn't (thank you oh merciful one!).' What's the name of that syndrome people get when held in captive terror ?

So Mike Ware is the Manchurian reporter. We have whole networks of them here in America and they seek out their indoctrination, then wrap themselves in a nice little bubble so as not to wreak any havoc on the illusion. I have more hope for Mr. Ware assuming he can ever get to a point where he realizes that it's not all about him. That and a quart of sodium pentithol...



At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

stockholm syndrome...like Patty Hearst and the SLA - yeah yeah I'm a victim - let's go rob a bank!


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