Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The following is a report from Michael Is-a-symp.
Dateline: My makeshift bedroom
Today it was reported to me, Michael Is-a-symp, that a toddler has eaten a copy of Mein-Kompf. This information came to me through an intermediary who may or may not be the president of n.a.m.b.l.a.(north american man boy love association). Either way, myself, ted kennedy, al gore, charles rangle, pat leahy, jane fonda & the alleged afformentioned president of the child rapers association went ahead and gang raped a school bus full of pre-teens. Later today, my associates at the a.c.l.u.(also in on the above act of justice) will be filing suit in federal court against the participants in our little illustration of LIBERAL HEAVEN, for not complying and actually resisting the n.a.m.b.l.a. led attempt at retribution for the desicration of our sacred tomb by one of "their kind"(I heard they were the kids of men & women fighting the so-called "War on terror". American soldiers are the REAL terrorists, rape on my good buddies out there. Screw over all that is virtuous lest the "right side" win out). Some minors just never learn. Well, it's time for me to get back to hell so ol' Lucifer can pluck out one of my eyes and skull plook some more insanely evil, America/freedom/anything good or innocent hating, ideas into my black matter.
Don't fo'get, "We can't win until ALL virtue is destroyed". Long live the mainstream indoctri-Nation machine !!! Piece out homies...Mike



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