Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Churchill" as Chamberlain in America

This is about the college professor by the name of Churchill who takes "Neville Chamberlainism" to a new level. This person, through his statements -and subsequent responses to critisisms of those statements- has basically solicited the continuing mass slaughter of THOUSANDS of what he calls "Little eichmanns"-ie; You & Me. Even Neville never went THAT far. This guy makes up for his lack of power with a very powerful encouragement to those that would-and already have- commited mass murder against us.

Is this the new pacifism? This person "hates" war but advocates the mass murder of innocents, while somehow analogizing them to an ACTUAL facilitator of mass murder. Hey you in the Dockers with the Starbucks in your hand, you must DIE so as to realize the justice of those who would reinstate sadaam h. and appoint ubl as the "grand dragon" of the new ruling class that would be made up of the current xenophobes trying to destroy Freedom with acts of unspeakable horror against women and small children with the thrust and verve of their Titanic heroe, adolph hitler.

"Listen to mike moore and me, they must KEEP on killing the bastards that gave them no other choice but to start the killing in mass, one bloody Tuesday New York morning" this "sage" and filler of young sculls full of mush seems to say proudly and without fear of the swift hand of justice once meted out in in time of war.

What are we doing folks ? If we can't go beyond whining about this sort of treason and take action against those who aide and abet our blood enemies for the sake of so-called "free speech" (I thought that it was unlawful to holler "kill Americans" in a crowded representative republic) then where is the limit ? If a "reporter" is witness to a beheading of one of US "infidels" while relaying the "concerns" of the offended killer, are we to say, "NO, this is merely an excercise of the 1st amendment, we must be informed of both sides for full consideration of the facts. They just have a 'different point of veiw'. Who are we to say that this is right or that is wrong ? Besides, there's still 'Iran contra' sins of the past to consider and what about the two percent of Iraq's arsenal that 'we' contributed to ?"

No folks, action must be taken. Yes, it was a different time when the "Proclamation Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus" was undertaken, but that was "only" for the sake of the Union. What is now at hand is the future of the lives of freedom loving people EVERYWHERE. The streets of progress could go dead for a thousand years if these animals have there way and word has it that they have access to the mechanisms that could make that nightmare come true. An example must be made and it must be made with conviction and righteousness. A senator would be preferable, but a racist, self hating ANTI-AMERICAN will suffice. Put the son-of-a-bitch in leg irons and show the American people... SHOW THE WORLD, that you don't mess with the U.S., you don't mess with New York and yes, YOU DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS and get away with it !!!

To see goodness, go here.

Amen and pass the ammo. 2spot, over & out.



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