Sunday, January 09, 2005


Sung to the tune of
Jingle Bells.

Dashing through the sand,
In big ass freaking tanks,
They just got one hand,
Can't co-ver their "flanks",

Hell's a-bout to rage,
Cour-te-sy of US,
See the bastards run run run
When they're killed what's the fuss ?
OH !
Win the war, Win the war
Bombing them, to dust !
Oh how Great, it is to slay
The killers that we must

Win the war, Win the war
Water boar-ding's cool !
So when You're done
Don't use a gun
Or Durbin will get You.

Smashing en-e-my,
En-camp-ments is a joy,
With UN arms they flea,
With our bombs we ain't coy

Oh look at all the charred,
Al KKKada pride,
The war would not be marred,
If the press was on our side,
Win the war,Win the war,
Tell al gore, he's right,
Let him get, recruited by,
al qaeda for the fight,
Win the war,Win the war,
Then we'll get a shot,
At giving him, what he deserves,
Lets fill up his plot,

All we need to do,
Is find some "re-por-tor",
& show him World War 2 newsreals,
He MIGHT just join the war,

If THEY were pa-tri-ots,
ALL imbeds would see,
In this war there is one side bad
And people it aint we
Oh !
Win the war, Win the war,
Ain't it great to be?
Someone waving Stars & Stripes
And not some french "we we"
Hey !
Win the war, Win the war,
Laugh them straight- to hell,
& if they still- won't go away,
For treason they'll be jailed

Watching facsists fly,
From Smart Bombs Oh so fine,
Eat a roc-ket pie,
You racist scumbag swine.
ha ! ha ! ha !
CAN'T get them to see,
That THEY should a-dopt peace,
So Lets strafe a "mosque" tonight
And send them to Ha-des
OH !
Win the war, Win the war,
Congress su-cks out loud,
When will someone call their bluff
'bout the treason that abounds ?

Win the war, Win the war,
Keep teddy from - the pool,
And leahy is - a traitor too
They're all a bunch of tools.

They're aaall aaa buunch of toooools ! Oh yeah!