Thursday, December 30, 2004

Beat me,whip me,make me wear a burkha

The following is in response to some blame America firster called "veiwpoint"(apparently their veiwpoint is that of someone who dreams of licking the boots of our enemy) who included the latest Buchanan tripe as evidence of why we should abandon our mission.What they said is not relevant, just the usual "don't it suck to be under the jackbooted Bush 'regime' ?" swill. Although I just had to include their take on "our part" in Japan's atrocities against us."Oh come on honey, You had to do SOMEthin' to make him rape ya. So what were You wearin'?"
re: Dec. 30th "Editors note"
I guess the ones actually carrying out the mission (ie;the servicemen fighting & dying) are in favor of it by some 80% because they're just a bunch of blood thirsty "babykillers".Get a damn clue! Pat Buchanan has a large sheet & a swastika hidden in his closet and I trust the author of this piece of shit, hate America propaganda, has spent his share of time with his head in the lap of david duke or wanting to. Wake the hell up numbnuts, there ARE bad guys in the world and WE'RE NOT IT ! I can't help wondering if folks with this perspective don't enjoy being abused in other aspects of life.Mark, out... Oh yeah, regarding....
"The only nation in the 20th century to attack us was Japan. And Japan lashed out, insanely, in desperation, because we had cut off her oil and convinced the British and Dutch to cut off the vital commodities she needed to avoid imperial defeat in China. We were choking the Japanese empire to death."
Thanks for straightining me out on that whole "we should fight back when ambushed" bullshit I've been believing all of these years. I'm looking forward to hearing how good ol' adolf was victimized by our nasty American unfairness...... Hey buddy, the next time You feel like spewing some more of this drivel, just have your "significant other" give you an extra 50 lashes & stop poisoning the minds of people who are prone to similar types of self hatred.They get enough of that when they open a paper or watch the nightly blather with dan rather.
Finally, FOLLOW our Soldier's , Sailor's , Airmen and Marine's example & Stop spitting on them you GODDAMN TRAITOR !!! thanks for listening, have a "good one".



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Pascual de Andagoya.....┬┐Exactor implacable?


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