Saturday, December 18, 2004

Rantsters 1st New Anti-Collegiate Dictionary

Will be adding new words/definitions in coming days, weeks, months & hours even. The newest of which being highlighted with a nifty...well, highlight.
UNNECESSARY DISCLAIMER.The following is for amusement only.DO NOT try to apply in real life or to anything else written here in the future(unless noted).So now,here be the content of the above titled concept.
almost what the left extracts from matter to create "they anti-matter"
b.s. the quality or state of being a pompass ass,eg.;"Dan Rather said today..." Also known as barbara striesand origin,EIB,see also Rush
cunying a method of operation marked by severe catiness seen predominantly in female dnc strategists eg; "Kahill said today..."
democrat strategist see riefenstahl
Edwards slang for inconsequential eg; "what an Edwards ! "
Fallujah democrat loss / see also, "Victory for freedom"
geehad a network of operations doomed to fail "geehad a chance , then we attacked New York"
helicopter Blackhawk up, geehad down
iranic The notion that a "religion of peace" can completely ingore DAILY mass murder/beheadings of TARGETED women & children in it's name while demanding that heads must roll for the sin of freedom of speech. ex. "What do ya know, that muslim jihadist is shooting a blindfolded woman in the back of the head and yet it's a cartoon that pisses 'em off. How iranic."
isolationist syn see democrat exception; when absolutely NO American interest/benefit is involved
John F Kennedy tax cutting warmonger
Kerry the embodiment of what the DNCs "centrists" have become / a popular early 21st century punchline
loser see Kerry
mosque - terrorist encampment
Nancy - better half of the slayer of communist evil
off - what the DNC turns most American patriots
pacafist's fate - see Margaret Hassan quickness - that with which the Dems were dispatched Nov. 2nd
(04)RNC - this former Libertarians last hope for security
Semper Fi - motto of many providing said security
taco \ 'take - oh\ vb " I'm gonna taco bin laden's head off "
usefulidiot - any one of a number of high profile "symps" / you know who they are, unf. they do Not, hence the suffix
Victory - the Only means by which freedom loving people can secure peace from tyrants / democrats
war - in olden times this activity unified good against evil / current pop media def. "greed motivated slaughter of innocents"
xylophone - something when played , just like dancing , singing , women talking , homo's existing , children learning non-kuran material , can lead to the death penalty in our enemies "justice system"
yesterday - the source / origin of the left's point of view
Zappa - the last lefty to make me laugh & actually make sense (sometimes)
Thanks for comming , be sure to grab a t-shirt or coffee mug on your way out the lobby ! A bumper sticker of the above text has been placed on your Hummer for memorization & marketing purposes. thanks & HAVE A GOOD ONE !!!



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