Thursday, December 23, 2004

Shut up & wave it

To: You that hide behind the 1st amendment
From: One flag-waver

You can take the 1st , the way you've distorted it that is , and hang it in your ass. Damn, you make me long for the day when it was just whored out to "prove" the nobility of some so-called art or a Richard Pryor monologue. ( the latter being something that at least teenagers can still be amused by , unlike the treasonous swill spewing from the likes of moore & franken et al)
Quick pop quiz. What's dumber , ie; more suicidal ? 1) Freddy flag-waver saying, " My Country, Love it or leave it" or 2) Larry O'donell saying, " We can only become a truly 'Great Country' when our tired , our poor , our hopelessly unemployable can gain prominence by setting fire to , crapping on , spitting upon , protesting against , suing to have removed and campaigning against (see lapdog leftwing media) all vestiges of , wholesomeness , patriotism , tradition and anything pro-survival/success of 'The American way'."

Please someone , anyone , the next time one of these pompass , arrogant , hate America firsters pops up with "proof positive" that Rumsfield or Bush or Franks or any other Great American Patriot is an incompetent boob ( with their presumption fasers set on " my treason is 'protected speech' & if you call me on it , you're a jackbooted nazi "), go ahead & exercise YOUR rights & shut the son of a bitch down by telling him/her/it You know who he is.EXAMPLE , " Mr. Franken , I must demand that you stop boosting enemy moral with your hateful , meanspirited ( he'll love that one), cowardly anti-American screed. Do not worry , for if your sentiments win out , the end will come soon enough & you can get back to where you apparently came from. Playing the role of 'pretty mouthed' Hollywood asshole , destined to pleasure lucifer for all eternity."

Think about it , why are all of these people virtual caricatures of their own wimpy , whorish personas ? Just listen to the prominent libs on almost any show , even their own ones. They're mealymouthed liars & wimps with voices to match for the most part. Take R.F.K. Jr. (please) WOW! Is he for real ? Alan Alda by comparison is the living embodiment of "macho" next to these pussies.
While I'm on the subject , what slime covered block of slime do gems like "Ms. Sloozy Van den Hummer" (does that little name extender make her better than the rest of us?) get scraped off of before they grace us with their brand of , "Beat me whip me , make me Osama's bitch"? I mean , not that I'VE ever seen one , but does'nt she belong on stage in some Tijuana "Performance art with livestock " review ?

These people betray themselves with every thought that they utter. I don't care if it's kerry or rangel or leahy or clinton or one of their impish minions , we just need someone with a pair (even a pair of ovaries) to call these destructive scumbags for what they are. TRAITORS. Make no mistake , it is NOT just a difference of opinion to suggest that the American fighting man , led by our commander in chief , is engaged in folly initiated on fraudulent terms for the sake of diversion & or greed. That is treason & unheard of on this level & quantity in our history without some sort of retribution. The rantings of you people ( esp. Kennedy & Gore) lead directly to the deaths of American Soldiers & innocents as your virtual allies, the animalistic & media savy killers, watch , learn & act to try & affect the victory of the "blame America 1st crowd". YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS !

Well, time to go, Mom wants me to put the clothes in the drier & start the next load. It is HER basement after all. Piece out,Mark.



At 1:19 AM, Blogger kaye said...

hey mark...
thanks for the post and i'll keep it my mind what youve said..I'll hang on...thanks...happy new year...

At 12:10 AM, Blogger NotHughHefner said...

Yeah, as Americans, we suck.

Until Allah farts in the tub, and a tsunami appears to rid the world of a few hundred thousand muslims (praise be to Allah the merciful). Then, we're just greedy. Only 35 million, plus military cost and private donations. How can we be so stingy?

'Course, brother kofi HAS allowed we might be coming in handy, despite our proclivity to ignore everything he says!

As luck would have it, kofi and kerry are both sucking up to the muslim world this week. Can anyone say aftershock?

At 11:37 PM, Blogger idiotx said...

I was reading your rants (which I of course agree with) and when you talked of the level of the "opposition" rhetoric being .."unheard of on this level & quantity in our history" I thought to myself this is the foundation of what drives me insane. The Lberal/Conservative battle gets overdone at times but when you watch the lengths the "opposition" party will go to defend the Undefedable, try to besmirch the un-besmirchable(ha)ie:trying to disgrace our military effort by branding our troops as torturers??....geez the list goes on and on. That alone is what fuels my fire. I cannot understand what they think they could possibly achieve by betting on the failure of their own country. At the height of the Clinton KILL frenzy in the 90's some Republicans made noise while Clinton was deploying our forces all over the globe but NEVER EVER bad mouththed the troops, or DOOMED them to failure in any of there ventures. As a matter of fact in the early stages of Clintons first term he HAD a chance to back his military in a Just cause in Somalia and when the chips were down he let the slaughter (in perception only-our boys were mighty warriors)of US soldiers stand and turned and ran. The exact same course the "opposition" has been calling for from the start of the Iraq War. All my blather is to basically say right on or Amen or here here !! idiotx


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