Monday, January 03, 2005

Guaranteed winner for kerry

Posted at sometime in Nov. '04

Conversation with j.f. kerry, late OCTOBER 2004." Hey john, now that o.b.l. has released his little diatribe I've got the perfect response for you to win the election when you go out on the tarmac.Okay, you ready? Here's what you say to seal the deal, ' I'm john kerry & i'm reporting...' oops , wrong one. Okay, here goes 'Now that this little worm has shown his disgusting face again, it must be said that I believe George Bush is my brother, as I am his, as are we all brothers (& sisters) in arms against this killer of innocents(innocence? yes in more ways than one) and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS ON ELECTION DAY, I JOHN KERRY WILL STAND SIDE BY SIDE WITH GEORGE BUSH TO DESTROY THIS MISERABLE PIECE OF HUMAN DEBRIS & HIS ILK! ' There, got it all in. I know that there's only about 4 direct references to you...
yourself....directly. But it can't lose. One strategically placed bulge in your coat pocket & you might even get a few NRAers. Got it john? You say that and it's over, you win.....john....john..."
"Oh I'm sorry, what was that terry ? I was just thinking about the glory that was ME, back in my Cambodia days..."



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