Thursday, January 06, 2005

Through a killer's eyes

re: jaffer (the ally of killers) ali's piece, "through racist eyes" posted on:
I am not a racist and this guy's a got damned NAZI ! Is it not inderstandable to be prejudiced against a whole people who raise their kids from birth to strap a bomb laced with ballbearings, rat poison, AIDS & whatever else their sick, less than human minds, can think of, then, go into as big a group of women & CHILDREN as they can find & praise their "God of love" allah as they blow everyones guts, eyes, brains & limbs all over a city block? THAT is what You never see on the nightly "news". One of the "hair in a can" lefty lapdogs will report,"...bomb explodes on bus, 17 dead". 17 what !?! Are they humans? Victims? Maybe they're just fodder for the cause of palestinian "liberation". Then, "...Israeli attack kills palestinian child...".Apparently there is some sort of human attribute(s) afforded to one group, while the other group is assigned a more numeric designation. See if you can determine which is which.
The fact that the attrocities of these murder-bombers are NEVER reported in a 1940s newsreel style, clearly delineating the difference between their evil & freedom's good, is proof positive of the media's total inability to see anything in a moral context. "One man's rape is another man's love making." Laura Ingraham is right, these ghouls ARE about "tragedy tv", but with an undeniable anti-liberty twist that has gone so far as to exalt the most heinous of tyrants (see the dog that was the celebrated nobel peace prize winning arrafat) while magnifying, exagerating & lying about ANY U.S.(or her allies) error or stumble whether real or imagined.
This ali guy apparently see's people who aren't a nice arian hue of white, as less than human. Unless they're good enough to slaughter Jews of course. But can't his side at least agree that joyfully ripping a little childs body apart is EVIL? Oh yeah, they're not children, they're not even human are they? They're just things to be killed in the name of... in the name of..."zig HILE, zig HILE, zig HILE !!!"

The killer nazi's family & "community" go into the street & celebrate these great "military victories" over the "filthy Jew". What should happen to the animals who derive joy from this type of unspeakable horror? One can only HOPE that there is a JUST God and He has reserved a very special place in hell for the grinning, raping, murdering scum that is the enemy of freedom loving people everywhere. They are legion.Their name is, "islamo-fascist". May they get to rotting as soon as possible. Amen

Just a little aside about the Palestinians history. What disease(s) have You cured? What famines have you relieved? What POSITIVE contribution of ANY kind have you come up with, for humanity, in the last thousand years or so? Oh yeah! The murder bomber! You must be soooo proud. Thank Allah you have the Jews to blame for your pathetic showing on the human scale.Otherwise, you might not look so good. Your brothers in (cut-off) arms brought us zero as they are always so proud to remind us of. Could it be that you have "less than zero" to offer? History would seem to indicate such.



At 12:04 AM, Blogger NotHughHefner said...

I couldn't have said it as well, Mark.
After I got over my urge to rid a few camels of their parasitic passengers, a few thoughts occured:

Giving Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize is a lot like dressing bin ladin in a pink turban, and sending him door to door with anthrax cream: It still don't make him the Avon lady!

And while we're talking about racist terrorists, has anyone noted that the "freedom fighters" we're killing are just a bunch of xenophobic Klansman with poor costume designers? When will the lefties here and abroad realize they have fallen for the KKK's rat patrol?

Thanks for the kind words on my blog, and keep up the good work!

At 2:38 AM, Blogger 2spotlefty said...

Man ! And I thought I was an insensitive rightwinger. Do You kiss Your Mother with that mouth?
Just put You on my must monitor list. You'll be hearing from hillaries "justice dept." in '08 when good ol' fashioned limp wristed, correct order is restored mister.
Look out for the thought police brother. If Al KKKada don't getcha, THEY just might some day.
Seriously though, I popped a stitch reading Your note. Thanks for the lift, Mark.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Funky Fresh Freddie said...

I love to use the word Nigger.


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