Thursday, January 13, 2005


One day in the old perversion mill....
Ted "Say Al, I'm famished, wadda you say we go downtown & split us a waitress sandwich?"
Al "Well Ted, I was just writing my latest screech about 'herr Bush', but what the heck, what Tipper doesn't know won't hurt ME. ha ha."
Later on... Ted " Well, er uh, here we are, 'Che Trudys'. Guess what? We're in luck, the waitresses aren't here yet, but the uh the willing Ms. Katrina Van den Hummer is here & waiting to 'entertain' us. I hear she can pull a softball through a...."
Al "Ted, Ted, I've been working on something, see what you think. 'George Bush betrayed us ! He betrayed us ! He robbed us of tax(revenu)es ! He failed his patriotic duty of turning a blind eye to our blood enemies while simultaneously embracing THEIR allies. He never appologizes for Americas crimes against..."
Ted "Ya Ya Al, come on, I'm already on my third shooter & Ms. Van den Hummer is falling under the influence of the 'fruit punch' I gave her. We gotta strike while the uvula's hot. You know what I mean?"
Al "Oh nevermind Ted, I've got an image 'er, country to save. If I don't get down to Jesse Jackson high by noon, who knows how many minds I won't get a chance to, indoctrin...'er, enlighten in time to save us all. I mean, we've got to keep close to half of the country buying this blame America line or we have no future !!!"
Ted "Oh yeah Katrina ! Right there ! WOWEE WOW WOW !!!"
Van den Hummer "Come on ted, say it ! Say it or I won't 'drown the Buick' !"
Ted "Oh okay. Death to America, death to America, George Bush is hitler, Bush is hitler...Yeah !!!"
Later, in the Malcom X Memorial gymnasium...Al "...and so in closing, I just want to say, George Bush is NOT hitler. Rather, he is the living embodiment of SATAN ! The camps I discussed earlier are being prepared. Prepared for all non-white, non-christian, 'non-traditional lifestyle', left leaning persons who will be processed for continued enslavement & eventual systematic geneci...."
.....and they lived insignificantly ever after. At least I wish they would.But, they're sure to continue to inspire a terrorist near YOU or SOMEONE YOU LOVE, real soon.May al & ted find "allah's justice" sooner still. Piece out homies



At 9:00 PM, Blogger NotHughHefner said...

Kennedy: Saving Amerika one shooter at a time

Good rant, Mark!

Only thing is, where is slick Willy in all this? Add a cigar and intern with self-esteem issues, and you got yerself a party!


At 5:23 AM, Blogger Anti-Blogger said...

This is incredible. You describe the left just how they are. Where do I send the check?

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Devil Dog said...

Good rantings. I must try to get a few out there myself.


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