Monday, January 10, 2005

One man(s) take(s) on rathergate

Yeah that's right, move it along, the show's over, nothing to see here folks.

To all of my brothers of the blog, unless Your doing it for fun, spare me the "investigation". It's a kind of humiliation to try & explain what EVERYBODY know's. They use preconcieved notions about the right. I say that it is now "leftwinger Dan Rather" that we should refer to and that would say it all. It IS established by now is it not? They effectively label us ("Rightwing commentator Hugh Hewitt said...") all of the time.

Being outraged about the results of their own sponsored & controlled "investigation" would be like asking Robert Byrd to launch an investigation into how many murders, beatings, rapes & other attrocities he participated in against Americans whose skin color he did not approve of as a member of the KLAN & then acting surprised when it turns out he's "lily white". What are we afraid of ? That we'll be " wished into the cornpatch " if proof is not provided for our allegations? It may SEEM like an episode from the mind of Rod Serling, but WE actually have the upper hand. At least we could if we took command. Folks, everybody knows where they're coming from. It's called THE PAST. I say lets move on and leave them behind. It is so embarassing watching Hannity pussyfoot around with Bob Schiefer as he states the most patently pathetic lies. THEY are irrelavent, THEY have the burden of proof to meet. But they can't "prove" a fact that isn't true. So let them ramble on, on their own unwatchable venues, or at least call them on their miserable lies when they're being spewed in Your face on Your own show.

We don't need an investigation to prove who these dnc operatives really are do we? NO ! ("60 minutes ! Crossfire ! THEY'RE COOKING your brains SHOWS ! AAAAARRRRGH !!!) ZERO stories on SWIFTBOAT VETS FOR TRUTH !?! But we DO get the culmination of 5 years of "please someone, anyone, tell me a story ! I promise to believe !"

Everyone know's the creepy little kid who once had the power to turn "Uncle George" into a "Bush in the box" is a little snot and now he can't hurt us. He & the rest of them were ALWAYS petulant, privileged little suits full of emptiness. And now they've been reduced to toothless liars by the very illuminating brilliance of the Blogosphere's truth finding. I say let's turn the tables on them. Let's start spreading the word about the REAL truth of OUR beliefs and stop explaining the swiss cheesyness of theirs.

They HAD the weight of their reputation. Now it's gone. Let THEM try to assert the falsity of OUR views. It'll ring hollow & just speed them on their way to total irrelevance. We just feed them by paying so much mind to their little dog & pony show. To use another '60s tv reference, lets just laugh at them like Cpt. Kirk & the Klingon General did to that little ball of hate (no not Ty Domi ). They'll be forced to move on & cause dissent, confusion & senseless violence elsewhere. The UN would be great. Once we move it back (to the E.U.) from whence it came. Mark, over & out !

Gotta go.....nurse Ratchet's coming. Spread the word !



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The MSM stil acts like Rathergate was nothing. Check out ABC Thursday and CNN this morning. The are just as America bashing as ever.
Rod Stanton


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