Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sussing Out the Left

I read a blog post by "A Liberal Marines Progressive Perspective" today and several truths of the lefts tactics, when "proving" a point, jumped out at me.
tactic #1) Show an emotion inducing photo/video-or show a normal picture, as in this case, and inject your own emotions- then claim that it, the picture, represents/encompasses the entire reality of the issue at hand.

#2) Always quickly move on to one's next assumption (this one is most commonly used on t.v. and radio) before the last one can be challenged, thus establishing a whole new "fact" with which to build ones line of anti-liberty speech upon.

#3) Make things that are essentially acceptable, unacceptable. Examples; calling the American fighting man and the women who fight with him "boys and girls" or children- thus making it unacceptable that they should be fighting and dying- or, calling mass murderers and torturers, "detainees" and "prisoners"-which makes it unacceptable that they not be provided the protections afforded to civilized humans by the conventions that they spit on every day. Even though their uncaught comrades continue ripping apart the bodies of as many children, women, caterers, civil engineers, truck drivers, humanitarians, journalists and yes even those same American fighting men & women (when the killers know that it's time to die, they try that one) as they can as they continue to expand their target list, fighting to kill Freedom & Liberty whenever & wherever they can. All with the lefts blessing. What else do you call it when the U.S. President is called a nazi swine daily while these actual atrocities are NEVER condemed by the likes of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Verbosi, Al Gore, Dink Turbin & Co. or their public relations firms, the mainstream media ?

#4) Get your talking points straight so that everyone is singing the same song, even if it is out of tune and out of touch. If one listens to Rush at all, you can here on a regular basis how they all repeat a key phrase or word simultaneously, somehow through apparent osmosis. Who could ever forget 'gravitas' or more recently we've been inundated with news of the "quagmire"-this one being designed to get you in a huff because Iraq is "just like Viet Nam". And who ever gets tired of "(insert republican presidents name here) is an unrefined boob stumbling through the world & embarassing all of us in the eyes of the French ."?

#5) Always belittle your oppositions base. Right down to the evil SUV that they drive. Also, if you're a vet, try to remind the room of this fact almost as often as you say that regular -that'd be red state- Americans are idiots. They're bound to see the light and go your way eventually...aren't they ?

#6) Fear ! Fear ! Fear ! The misdirected kind that is. Serve it up hot and steamin' and keep shoveling it in the face of all rational thought or ANY tendency towards national survival. Also, make sure to put the blame squarely on the backs of the good 'ol U.S. fighting man and or his REPUBLICAN gub'ment/C.I.A. etc. so as to cause complete paralysis when it comes to actually doing something to protect our country from what is feared(although, as far as the Dems. are concerned, that's usually U.S.). "Could someone please pass the responsibilty ? Pass it right UNDER the table, I'm enjoying my hedonism right now. That's it Monica, a little to the left."

That's it, I'm done.

This is my response to Mr. "Liberal Marine".

I do not get you brother.I'm a former "Flyboy" and my brother is a Marine vet still serving as a civilian and I can see the fact that there's an opposition to the right,but YOU seem to have an opposition to American Supremacy because you think that WE are inherently evil,just as so much of the obviously believes right now.You know,there WAS opposition to FDR during WWII from the republicans but they did NOT act with such destructive disregard for their fellow citizens/Peacekeepers.Of course in a more just/patriotic time such as that,people acting as you and the left would've been shamed into submission if not taken up on charges.I would only ask that you reassess your core convictions.No,the majority is NOT always right,but YOU are screaming against the winds of Freedom.



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