Saturday, February 12, 2005

" Eason Jordan for cell block T "

To aquire the gist of the following, scan the bottom paragragh first.
You have worked on the INSIDE.To say that the MAINSTREAM media doesn't have it in for our military is absurd.You know better.WE know better! The public has eyes and ears, and they are attached to our brains.The crime is not in the cover-up.The CRIMINALITY is in SLANDERING the virtuous being that is the American fighting man.So when "Mr. jordan" slithers off into the slimeset without so much as a slap on the wrist-legally speaking- for his treason speak,know that millions will be outraged at his NOT getting his comeuppance.That is if they ever get all of the facts.Israel knows and thanks to Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt and so many others,hopefully everyone will.The fact that the MSM refuses to report this straight (damn you howie) is clear proof of their collusion against our brave servicemen & women who deserve better,considering we'd ALL be speaking German or wearing a burkha without their,not known by any of us civilians,COURAGEOUS BLOODSHED.

This post is in response to a post by Rebecca MacKinnon
regarding "Eason Gate.". These statements are believed here sincerely, this person must NOT escape unscathed. I'd like to say thanks to everyone-individually- for the illumination, but it's easier to just say, "Go to Michelle Malkin", she has all of the links-including, Easongate tracker - that are pertinent(minus mine).Hey, I'm posting a "letter to the editor" to another site, just not that prolific or equipped with little monkeys like GENERALISSIMO DUANE to facilitate this stuff smooth and easy.