Saturday, February 12, 2005

Scenario Proof

Let us say that YOU don't like "Joe Blow". He represents everything that you are against. It only makes sense that, this guy Joe, would probably do heinous things given the opportunity considering your absolute hatred for and mistrust of him. Hey, he's that rotten bastard Joe Blow and last week it was reported on, "OurBS is Killing Jews & U.S. Troops Nightly", that Joe likes to do bad things and they even had an 8 second documentary-painstakingly removed from HOURS of footage- that "proved" their assertion. Now let's say that you then start speaking the "truth" (as your hate dictates it) in your neighborhood and anywhere you can be heard. No, there's no facts to support your claims-which after all, are coming from an irrational hate of Joe- so you naturally don't make an "official" claim/report as to your beliefs, but there is NO doubt as to the attitude from which you speak in your daily job of "reporting" the news yourself. Plus, you go around in "informal" venues stating your case sans proof. Word then gets around about your "belief system" and people sympathetic to Joe Blow become outraged by the effect you're causing him. His house is burned to the ground. His wife is raped. His kids are murdered. According to your "belief system", Joe's getting what he deserves. But you have no facts to support your hypothosis. Are you guilty of a crime ?

"YOU" are, "THIS IS CNN"/eason jordan and "Joe Blow" is obviously the American fighting man and ALL those who support him. I submit that you are a criminal and should stand before a court of law for the CRIME of Slander With Intent to Harm. No one could argue about your total disregard as to the harm you bring to the U.S. Fighting Man and why else would you say these lies unless you wanted to cause the complete and total failure-that means death in greater numbers to the TARGET of your MALICIOUS slander and all of the collateral damage that goes with it- of his mission .

With this in mind I would like it be known that someone has told me, "eason jordan associates with known criminal figures and is believed to be involved in child porn and probably produces films of this nature in his own basement and when he's done he murders his victims and buries them in a backlot at aol/timewarner headquarters." Or so I'm told.

If you read that last paragraph and found yourself outraged, please tell me the difference-legitimacy wise-between it and the swill that this hater and disseminator of putrid anti-American HATE SPEECH is spewing forth with his screed at Davos and the attitude with which he infects the network he's in charge of. (If we're both wrong that's fine, I'll surrender some of my "assets" for slander and Mr. jordan can abdicate his freedom-or at least renounce his citizenship and ALL of the benefits he derives from it via the blood of U.S. fighting men now and throughout history- for the crime of treason through subversion.)

Check back later for a duplicitous, mealymouthed, worm-spined,, denial of parts of the above as I see fit.

And...CUT !...burn the tape. I probably wasn't even ever really here folks. Go on 'boutch yer bid'ness.



At 6:38 PM, Blogger Brendan said...

Appreciateed your comments on my post, however, I was not attacking the U.S. in that particular post, just noting that there are people in this world who have different priorities than most people who live in the industrialized world. Dismiss it as left wing banter, but i'm just letting you know that it was not meant as much

At 1:25 PM, Blogger 2spotlefty said...

I was talking about the tone of your blog as a whole.I hope I WAS wrong.Thanks for the input.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous The Capitalist said...

Liberal, Slanted, Unfair, Dishonest, and Downright Treasonous

[James Earl Jones Voice]

....And THIS is CNN!


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