Friday, February 25, 2005

Vox Blogoli 2.2 , A Perspective

This is regarding Hugh Hewitts solicitation of legitimate bloggers for an opinion on whether senate republicans should go Grant or McClellan on the Dems. and their obstructionism of judicial nominees, but I'm going to respond anyway.
Being a person who finds it odd,to say the least, that we live in a world where the idea of ending the afforementioned and unprecedented obstructionism by suggesting that there be actual up or down votes on nominees is called "The Nuclear Option", while at the same time it's just good old American free speech for a college professor to advocate the mass murder of innocent civilians, you can probably guess where this is going.
Not being nuanced here at the BoA or overly concerned with senate procedure/decorum, I'd like to see something more "Jenjis Khan-ish" to paraphrase the Senator from the great state of Mass. convusion, but seeing as how the Civil War was the bloodiest military engagement in history up 'til it's time, Grant will do.
All decisions to act must be made with the goal of achieving actual success-that being the casting of votes on brilliant men and women like Estrada and Janice Rodgers Brown- and not just posturing in line with decorum, procedure and tradition. Senator Frist is a wonderful person with a great life story, but his finger waving disappointments of the past just won't suffice and never did. Spectre is a brilliant mind who could disembowel liberties opponents if they were his opponents-he was great in the Clarence Thomas hearings as I recall- but they are his "colleagues" and their slurring of fine nominees will continue on without appropriate response from him. Also, Senator Hatch surrendered his post dutifully so he has less bite now although I do like the idea of Orrin as our front man/pit-bull along the lines of a much more legitemate (sane?) version of Edward K. -who is the number one reason for any cracks in my faith that there is a just God.
That's it for the woulda's, coulda's and what ifs, here's what should happen...if only.
President George Bush uses the bullypulpit and his political capital-which is not finite and could actually be built upon if done right- by bringing the truth and importance of this issue, loud and proud, to the American people when the obstructionists do their thing. No more sitting back and saying "Look at 'em go, everyone'll see what they're all about now". No ! Exploit, with dignity, what we all know the left would exploit were the tables turned."Harry Reid doesn't want Hispanics to succeed in America", "Pat Leahy is oppressing women and blacks". They'll still get re-elected, but at least the people who don't have a chance to vote for them will get a chance to actually see what they are all about. The difference with laughing and pointing being, that their ugliness is vigorously highlighted.
What would be the consequence ? Can the Dems prove that these nominees are actually Bible clutching prudes who want to return us to "jim crowe", sweatshops and start a state run religion ? Make them prove it or shut the hell up.
No matter how docile the right is, we're still tarred as liars, lynch mobs, nazis, starvers of children, advocates for seniors on dog food diets and of course we're always too mean to mass murderers of children/innocents and wanna be assassins of our President. They're going to say these things anyway. They always say these things anyway.Take the fight to them! Being kowed into mentalities like "compassionate conservatism"-as opposed to "regular conservatism" which we all know is where the truly mean still reside- has been a detrement to our already faltering morality and to the very security of our great nation.
Americans are starving for a decisive man of action to lead the way. Enemies are enemies, they must be defeated whether it's Sadaam or the radical left in the form of all to many- and unnecessarily- powerful democrats who happen to be fellow citizens by a mistake of birth. You took down Iraqs killer regime, do you think Barbara Boxer is tougher than them ?
Compromises that lead to activists like S.D. O'connor, Souter and Kennedy wreaking havoc on the Constitution can't be allowed to happen anymore if the Republic is to be preserved in some sort of resemblance to what the creators envisioned.Look at all of the "legislating from the bench" that's gone on because the principle of insisting that strict constitutionalists be given a fair chance has been subordinated to politics and the whimsy of peoples feelings."If you can't see the Constitution as a 'living breathing document', then how sensitive can you be to the plight of the downtrodden when called upon to do what's right for the sake of the whole?"
Activist judges have changed the direction of this country forever while potential giants like Scalia and worse yet, Bork, have been defanged and rendered all but or totally inefective but for the honor of the fight.
So I say let 'em have it with both barrels blazin' and when you run out, reload and keep on firing. Screw "nuclear", go Armageddon on their asses.
For the benefit of my regular reader, Hugh Hewitt is a monster in the world of political opinion- with millions of listeners- who also writes books that sell into the multiples of many thousands, something we wouldn't know about here.There, just referred to myself in the 3rd person and plurally in the same sentence. Bet ol' Hugh's never pulled that one off before.



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