Monday, September 06, 2010

I love You, Jesus, My One, True God!

Many say, He is three. Other mumblers, who knows ?
But for my church and me, He is He and not those

"I am", said my God, the same one as is yers,
His staff and His rod, ease all he's and all her's

In darkness we struggle, as though lame and broken,
Resentments we smuggle, till truth we HEAR spoken

No demons, no giants. No longing for soul mates,
Is more than reliance, on His -prepaid- toll gates

Our one God our true One, is so mighty you see,
While He died, we did shun, Still He took Calvary

Oh His blood, makes red mud, But it cleanses us clean
By His conviction, Stains removed, no more seen

If they think that was done, By three ones, or some nun
Then how to explain, Verse 10 John, chapter one ?

Our father, Lord Jesus, who's ruling from Heaven
Needs not try to please us, it's us who has leaven

So lead us away God, From doctrines confusing
Before we run rough-shod, To lives of OUR choosing

Your grace and your mercy, abound with us fully
Until when we first see, As you beckon, not bully

To our Jesus all honors, our Lord and our savior
Flying solo we're goners, His light guides our behavior



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