Friday, January 11, 2008

Haiku CHOP!

Here's some haiku (from the Gitmo killers' perspectives - accepting for those last 2)
Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the idea.

paradise for us,
with bill mahers’ “courage” to kill,
women and children

to maher i’m aloft,
“cruddy U.S. rapes and kills”,
we love his shill skills

nice shoes, nice cover,
skin shows! arena for you,
death cheered, not soccer

hey, this aint cous-cous,
driving for bin-laden rates,
better than Subway

can’t wait for virgins,
i miss my sweet “solja goat”,
more margarine please

guard, know who i am?
news cameras aimed at yours,
while i took them down

obama for change!
McCainiacs for the same,
just uproot that bush

rosie adores me,
sean is on my Christmas list,
the left loves killers

nancy is a dream,
harry sends us sonnets too,
we’re glad they hate Bush

music will be banned,
kids and women beaten too,
our islam to you

amputation’s great!
sharia brings stonings too!
from allah,to you

honor killing good,
showing hair and tight jeans bad,
my child, i kill you

a salam i like,
a salam i like um, YEAH!
“who sang?, BANG! you're dead!"

they bomb the market,
blow up sweet tooth kids as well,
our fault? what the hell !?!

hollywood, devine?
mo(o)re, redford, clooney for you?
will God forgive us?



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