Wednesday, July 11, 2007

California, the Hooeyful

For the uninitiated, California is a haven for loons. Of course there's the, One-eyed Pantdropping Leftlurcher (we have many,the creepiest is mark leno). There is also the, Baby Killers and Whale Backhumpers.

Now you can add another moonbat to the list of ever expanding,not so endangered species. This one I christen, "The Nattering NoNobs of 'We'll All Soon be Burnt to a Crisp'-aloonicus". (Pretty sick stuff. You should go look at it right now.)They forage about the territory looking for twigs and such so as to form piles of crap that appear as billboards screaming,"Global Warming isn't just a fact,it's a choice!" I keep trying to take a photo of one, but every time I point to click, they flip their crazy slats to an add for Indian gambling casinos or something. I think they're running a conspiracy to make me look, not a little, nuts. That is all, carry on.



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