Thursday, July 05, 2007

Inaugural Caption Blog Fest

So I says to myself, "Self" I says, "Why's can't you be havin' one a dem dere caption thingys ?" I mean, if I'm good enough for "V the K's" site, why not take a shot at it myself, right ? Then of course I have been spamming, er, visiting "The Bullwinkle Blog" too long not to share their wholesome goodness. "Right Pundits" has been totally wrong when judging my outstanding talent, but hey, I am not without gratitude for their being there when it's late and I'm jonesin' mad for a good pic to inspire my creative juices. Third, but certainly not third, in this aimlessly constructed list of something or other, is the world famous "WILLisms" (I heard a rumor that it was founded and is being entirely run by the decapitated,and you know whatified head of Billy Mummy. Will wonders never cease ? Certainly, WILLisms won't.)

Now that I've dispensed with those amatuers, it's time for the real flakes of the bunch: "The Gone Rick Motel" never passes on a chance to ignore my genious(I know,I know, you don't blame him, either. It's just that I was so sure that people would really like me once they didn't get to know me.) "Support Your Local Gunfighter" normally has some good stuff, although I see nothing in the way of a CC right now . You should go there regardless. Getting in on the ground floor means everything. "The Bagel Blogger" has very busy pictures and I tend to get distracted and somewhat con.....wait...what was I... "FIRST IN" is my biggest fan or visa mastercard or something, all I know is, ladys and gents, dey be representin' pretty good. "Brainfuel" has gone unmolested by anything of note by my little click-clackings. Great pics though. "Outside the Beltway" is in temporary hibernation but said to be returning before you can write your name in the Siberia. "Public Pondering" is having A Little Holiday Fun Caption Contest. Oops, forgot Wizbangs weekend contest.

Well, I guess that's it. Those are the only people I know in the world and not one of them may I call friend. I must keep the faith however. Somewhere out there, is a soul who understands me. Someone who knows the signifigance of a good one line zinger, and all of the positive change that it can affect in this crazy mixed up world. Oh look, here he is now! Hi Cowboy Blobs' Saloon! How you doin' man ? No, don't answer, cause you're aces with me. Ya big lug you.

That's it. Be sure to tip your, "not necessarily one who dates the same sex and or is sexually ambivalent, waitress" on the way out. By ya'all, and here's your obligatory "caption" contest thingy:

(Photo courtesy of Ron Edmonds at AP. I understand they are still looking for Jamil Hussien)

Let him have it folks...folks ?......Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello

Will post winners later some time in the future, and please keep it clean folks. If you want to send a photoshop, Ill give it a shot. Still a knuckle dragger when it comes to these here think-box thingys. (p.s. I am the one known as "pudge" in most places, "2spothipshot" in most Google places and "2cuteX1/2" at the Gone Rick.)



At 11:15 AM, Blogger RT said...

"Helen, how many times do I have to tell you that we don't want to hear how an affair with President Taft got you press credentials."

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Tony Snow publicly disproves the "Irish Curse."

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said...

Oh, yeah, Helen, you're one to call ME a Rethuglican Mouthpiece. How long did it take to chew through your muzzle?

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