Sunday, July 01, 2007

Talk Radio is People! It's PEOPLE !!!

Why is it when the people speak, guys like Grahamnesty and McLaim only hear the 10 percenters ? That's right, they don't do what the people want them to do, they simply find some folks who agree with them and say, "See, I'm a person of the people." Just once I'd like to see the people they were talking about include me and my tax payin' ass. When do they ever have compassion for that "little" demographic ? I'll tell you when, never, that's when. They're too busy sounding the siren against us "ignorant hoards". These "persons" are so got damned arrogant that they will be voted out on their tin ears and they will still think the voters blew it. Just watch the books that come out of these guys after they dry up and blow away politically. They'll all sound just like David Gurgen. Uhhh! Oh man, look out ! I think I'm gonna hurl !



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