Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Cred of Medved has Fled -A Watershed

Why the Medved Cred has Fled

Talkshow host Michael Medved says border agents Ramos & Compean are guilty and deserve what they got. Why not sing the praises of this great action of the US "justice" sytem then Mr. Medved ? I'll tell you why. Because it is an embrassment and that is why you won't take calls on it from people who want real justice for these two patriots.

One can only imagine how much success we would have at the border regarding real criminal activity if the powers that be were to pursue those bringing chemical death to our kids, as hard as they went after Ramos and Compean. It makes any common sense patriot sick to think of so called Americans giving immunity to a repeat and continuing killer of human souls, just so he can testify against two men (whose experience is a lesson to their former co-workers not to persue criminals), help put them in jail and then sue the US treasury for millions more on top of the waste that the trial already amounted to in this travisty. Prosecutor Sutton sought this scum out, and volunteered immunity for his testimony.

A nation that does this is self destructive and bordering on suicidal. Considering the anti-Americanism on display in congress everyday I am not surprised, but it is not a little disconcerting to see a person I view as a champion of the good,the ethical and the virtuous, to so blatantly avoid a story of this significance to national security.

So Michael Medved, if this is a great and wonderful example of the American justice system, why aren't you having entire programs on the subject ? After you get to the horrors of "tagging" and deep behind the mystery of "Bigfoot" that is. You're not the only one, I know, but it is somehow more offensive when someone of your cutting clarity on many issues, is so willing to bury a terrible injustice under the rug for the sake of...for the sake of... Say, what did the president talk to you guys about during your visit to Washington D.C. last year ? Hugh Hewitt and Laura Ingraham don't mention this either.

I'm not suggesting anything, I just want an answer. Two American patriots, former border agents Ramos and Compean, are paying the price of 11 and 12 years of their freedom,which will virtually destroy their lives and the lives of their children, for what amounts to a procedural error in judgment, and you are virtually silent in the crusade to liberate them / won't show us what dangerous criminals they are and that we need to be protected from them.

I see this as a blemish on what could be a near 100% record when it comes to your fearless defense of those who protect us from evil, and it disturbs me because I hear no explanation. A case of this magnitude demands one, no, it screams for one. When one considers what a truly chilling affect this will have on border enforcement, one can't help but wonder if there are ulterior motives involved.

Former border agents Ramos and Compean, as I have read on this site in support of them, have exemplary records and have recently been the victims of false rumors spread by whoever wishes for them to just go away and rot in their cells. That is horrific, and not anything that makes me proud to be an American.

This one event has caused me to lose faith in my president and is as demoralizing as the Alien Gonzalez attrocity, which still haunts this countries collective conscience, and I do not want to give up the belief that my country is a more just, than unjust, nation.

The Duke "rape" case, Scooter Libby (You called Fitzgerald a "Great American" when he charged Libby. Have you ever retracted that ?), child molesters being let loose upon helpless children everyday and the Rush Limbaugh witchhunt are just a few among many crimes against the citizenry occuring everyday in the name of the law. And now this. Please explain to us why we should think of this as justice, because I just don't see it.

But I do see you running away from the subject and acting like it doesn't exist.



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