Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Official: America at War with Iran & Syria

It's Official: America at War with Iran/Syria

This post by BLACKFIVE points out a significant quote by W that clearly indicates we are at the end of our "turn the other cheek" rope,with Iran and Syria, to mix a metaphor or two. The democrats want George Bush to lose. The American Fighting Man wants America to win. Which side do you fall on ?

I watched,on Fox after the speech, dems like Turbin is a d*ick and Tom Vil What a Sack continue to advocate for the modern version of Viet Nam, that would lead to a similar series of mass murders, that the pullout from that winnable war led to. America,led by Teddy the snorkler Kennedy, deserted the Viet Namese people and the American Fighting Man 30+ tears ago and George Bush,God bless him, does not want to be the leader of this country during another such act of shame.

He is wrong on many things, but on this one, George Bush is right. We must win. Think about it: Those opposed to this "escalation" are saying that America cannot win. America cannot win ? Think about that. The greatest nation on earth,now and forever,is incapable of beating a bunch of mass murdering savages who hide behind women and children. He said it right, get ready for a long bloody slog but, America can,and, with our support,will, win this absolutely necessary campaign to rid a huge chunk of the mideast, a region of a thousand years of hate and killing, of the number one proponents of that hate and killing and start an unprecidented era of freedom,prosperity and alliance with the west which will result in a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Don't do it America. Don't buy into the party of defeats' line of hopelessness and mediocrity.There is nothing that America can't do, and with even 50% of us rooting on our bravest and best,she will again stand as the greatest force for liberty,strength and honor that the world once knew and the evil feared and hated,right up until their destiny if necessary. It is now necessary.

Aren't you tired of us being relegated to being the pawns of the thugs who rule the U.N. ? I know we won't leave that body of dictators and form our own "United Democracies",but maybe,just maybe,if we act like the great nation that is our true lineage, the U.N. will cave from its own weight some day and, starting with this action, all the promoters of "America the guilty" will finally be forced to at least shut up (No,Ted Kennedy and his traitorous klan will never admit that America can and should be the example of liberty and success for all others to forget it.)

Call your representative(s).Email them. Encourage your President. Show those great few, who with full understanding that only a warrior can comprehend, that you are with them, and you will never turn your back on them. Because they do the work that God cannot do. His job was finished when He created them.Now it is time for us to let them do it.



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