Sunday, November 26, 2006

c. rangel,a curse be upon you,back to the darkness from whence you came

This "man", this piece of human filth,this "congressman rangel".What a colossal plague on our once great country are these evil evil scum who trade in treason as a way to further their own disgusting ends.This man is a pervert.He most assuredly attempts carnal knowledge with children in public restrooms.He is of the filth that populates the nests of sewer vermin.He is of that vermins droppings.If there exists justice in this country (a country that is now surely on the down side of Gods favor)then the islamo-facist headsmans work not be done but for the liberation of one c. rangels rotting head from his (soon to be recieving of one gigantic,national loogie)waste of a body and insult to all that is decent, not to mention a burden on the supply of oxygen and a blight on the concept of beauty or even the thought of anything that is pleasant to look upon or hear from.

I hate this man.I hate this man because I know that it is wrong to hate and yet, hate him I do.May a curse be upon you c. rangel. May every one person,organization,sponsor,voter,friend and any other individual or group that has NOT since divested itself of,repented for,spat upon the former allegiance to the very name of, this lower life form in a mans clothing, have a pox be set unto them and their families for a time at least as long as but no less than, the time it takes for every single mourning parent,sibling,relative near or distant,friend,partner,business associate,aquaintance or guy they-the personage of an American Fighter- once had a beer with,to recover,come to terms with and find acceptance and comfort in the knowledge that their lost American Fighting Man or Woman is in a better place and they (those who mourn) can once again join in existence with the light of heart. This curse,may it be sown on to your soul but for "Mr." rangels remaining life experience here on Earth, be spent as a truly hopeless sinner,begging all the world to forgive him for the hate,the utter destructive force,the disgusting volume of anti-life that has been his chosen purpose up until the moment of his ultimate plea to be forgiven by all whom he has forsaken and sought to harm.

If he was in fact given life by our Creator and not, as would appear to be the case,by the lord of the dark who lurks beneath (from this,the serene suface of life, full of hope for salvation), waiting to spring upon us with an apparent mortal, a betrayer to his own, a true 'friend to no one', molester of all that is touched by his foul apparition on this blessed land, then there may be hope for him yet, because our God is a most merciful God.

But, you should not but hope for your self as would a wretch America,for it is actions taken, and that alone which may yet save us, but no less.The devil is lighted upon us and we will roast accept for our own decisions siezed. Them that says,"No,I will take no part in my own destruction.I seek the hand of my Savior, and He is neither a fool, nor be He of spirit to trifle with such as that."

Ask not from whom the truth is required, an option we do not possess, as every soul left lasting, which is to be the eventually saved, will work to stop the visage of this teller of all things most foul.Liar to all, of all.Truly,evil will prevail lest good men strike out to oppose it. God help us all to summon, and likewise maintain, the fortitude Americas sons themselves now represent, as a living display for all to sample, and gain the needed supply of inspiration from, so as to carry on the fight of the righteous, at home as it is performed by them that serve abroad. Would that we could be so great as that.



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