Saturday, November 04, 2006

The REAL Cost, of Every Soldier Lost

As one who is deeply offended by the constant,and completely void of any context, tallying of dead U.S. servicemen I would just like to make a plea to any sane news organization out there that might not be invested in Americas' defeat or at least wouldn't mind actually seeing "us" win.
Someone. Anyone.Please consider this formula I have devised to estimate the actual loss sustained to the world every time we lose one of "ours"( I like to call them ours because it obviously so deeply offends cnn-jazeera and their affilliates, dncbs, the new york crimes etc.). : 27 million folk live in Iraq / Most polls I see indicate that about 2 thirds (minimum), of the Iraqi citizenry, support the U.S. militarys' presence until they can defend themselves / That makes it about 18 million we are defending, who want to be defended (in THE most conservative estimate possible that is - I think the kids are with us about 90% -with a to speak) / Now, if you take those 18 million and divide them by the current total of Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Squids that have given their lives in defense of "The Grateful 18 mil" lets call them, you can then establish an actual value to that serviceman or womans life. I see it at about 6,000 of "The Greatful 18 mil" to each one of our fallen heroes. Of course there is no value that can comfort the broken hearts of so many families that will go on without a son or daughter or grow up without a dad or mom or live the rest of their lives without one more hug, phone call or special moment that only their lost brother, sister or friend could provide and had provided for all of their all too short lives.

Would it really be so much to ask that an anchor put some actual context into the number(s) that they so happily report, as if they are beating us over our heads with,the next dead young Americans' body so as to make us all cry out "STOP ! I don't want another Viet Nam. Let's just quit. There's nothing good happening there anyway."They're not numbers. They're not standing targets for the killers. They are doing great works and they believe in the Presidents mission. It's their mission. To say that their mission is a complete and total failure is to suggest that john kerry was right when he said that they are too stupid to know what's best for themselves or the country.

I know it's not easy for most people to pay attention when there's so much "fun stuff" and responsibilities to take care of, but I just refuse to believe that America, that my America, will go along and do as the elites want us to do and give up on the only people left that can save us. That can save the world. That have already saved the world from itself time after time in the last 100 years and before that, saved the union herself from destruction.

When Lynn Cheney asked the cnn stooge if he wanted "us" to win, I was half expecting him to say, "It depends on what we decide the meaning of the word 'us' is to us ." You're not one of 'us' wolf. At least I wouldn't want you or yours anywhere near me in a firefight. I used to say "To hell with them! America can win anyway." I know America can't win without that man or woman who's keeping his or her 6,000 civilians safer, but I am no longer sure that America will win with the L.A.M.B. slaughterhouse working to defeat her all of the way.



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