Friday, October 06, 2006

The Weakly Kuss

The following is a wrap-up of the week in conspiracies,rightwing facism updates and a complete tallying of victories for the righteous peoples who reside in moonbat county. Some facts have been changed to protect the hopelessly inculcated.

The C.I.A. installed leader of Afghanistan,Hamid Karzai alias,Scotty McScottsman, attempted to corrupt the minds of rightly left thinking people everywhere earlier this week by pointing out the "fact" that people jumping from 70 stories up is somehow NOT George Bush's fault. Look "Hamid", first off, we here at TWK know that you are a former C.I.A. plant in the I.R.A.. You still can't hide that Irish brogue! You ruined a once proud band of martyrs & bombers for the sake of your stupid capitalist peace & prosperity but you'll not be foolin' anyone this time. Praise be to the freedom fighters of the Taliban!!!

In a little known move, great American and special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald responded to Adolph Bush's declassification of some of the other sentences in the N.I.E. by scheduling Scooter Libby for a dawn execution on Thursday. Video can be seen at , , , cnn.bus &

The following is a contribution from our Muslim brothers keeping tabs on the cause for destroynig the Nazi Bush from abroad.
DATELINE:Islam "university" bulletin board.In a local tribunal yesterday, it was found that Farooq Mohammad Imabomerjad is innocent of mudering scores of women, men attempting to find work and children gathered ostensibly for a candy handout. His beheading will be tommorow right after lunch in the quad. Also, please remember to bring plenty of rocks for the stoning of the rape victim which will follow the main event for the sake of those who love crowd participation. Remember, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT brings stones that are large enough, heavy enough or so jagged as to kill the filthy whitch too quickly. We want this to last and there were people in the back last week who didn't even get a shot at a moving breathing target. C'mon people, share the bloodlust. There's plenty to go around, especially with all of the recent soccer viewing and showing of ankles and such due to the horrid influence of the barbaric western culture.Piece out ya'all, keep those bombings and torture tapes coming and always remember & don't forget, if some uppity, sanctimonious westy symp starts whining about our status as a religion of peace, you just cut out his(or her) black heart and show it to him(or her) before he(or she) dies.That'll show him(or her). Oh yeah, don't forget to only power drill out ONE of his(or her) eyes before you do this so he(or she) can actually see what you've just done to them.Happy slitting everyone, Mo



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