Sunday, April 09, 2006

ILLEGALS: "Borders? We Don't See No Stinking Borders"

Sunday, Dallas Texas

Thousands of people wandered aimlessly in support of the open borders policy that American business, wealthy large acerage owning white people and pretty much ALL of Congress, the Senate AND the Whitehouse are trying to maintain, while still appearing to be tough on border security.

What was scheduled to be a protest originally, turned into a big wet kiss to the powers that be- the U.S. Senate etc.- when they managed to bluff & bluster their way straight to a nice long recess. "This is-a great-a ! A couple-a more of-a these-a protests-a and I'm-a gonna retire" said Josepi, a local puppeteer and renter of port-o-potties. "Man ! I-a tell-a you, I'm-a so-a happy I could-a...well-a,you know-a. I can't-a say-a, because-a Josepi doesn't-a work-a blue".

"I don't see what's the big deal. North America, South America, Central America. It's all America. We should just be able to live wherever we want and let the entitlements fall where they may" said a man from the part of America formerly known as "Central America". "They wanted to imprison me in the Mexico part of America so I 'immigrated' here where I could avoid the whole 'Serve 10 years in a work camp before getting deported back to my homeland' bit." As the man said this,several Federalies jumped from a nearby pancho and 'liberated' him from his obligation to serve time south of here (They 'celebrated' his newfound freedom with large black stalks of what was apparently sugarcane), "Viva Vicente !" the man said as he slipped into his afternoon 'siesta'.

As usual, the crowd dispursed just before the authorities were surely about to launch a barrage of nightsticks and teargas into the inoccent scofflaws. In a related story, several N.Y. City police on horseback practiced riding through crowds. Alledgedly it was in preperation for a potential terror attack but we here at the Times have been leaked a memo which indicates it's all just a plot to eventually stack naked Latin Americans and violate them with toilet plungers.



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