Sunday, April 09, 2006


Iran sent a strong message today through their newly appointed ambassador, Cynthia McKinney. "No mo wacist cwap ! Nope, uh uh ! We ain't gwine a take it no mo ! Whitey, we've had 'nuff of yo cwap and soon you wiw fe'ew da wath a Ala's gweat and fewious powa."

Later, the Terahn sky was blackened with unknown quantities of U.S. military aircraft which was followed by the biggest run on "Depends" undergarments in the nations history. "Oh my Ala, I tell you it's a mess around here man but business is good" said Ali Akbu Quickymart, a local shopkeeper here who was going to change his name to Akbar DeathtoAmerica Muhhammad Farooq Alewishious Expialidoshis until he saw the demonstration of American might. He now wants to be known only as Mike. For her part, Ambassador McKinney covered her face and said, "Ha ha, you can't see me."

In other news, the leaders of both North Korea and Communist China said, "If re pray nice, can re have an air show too?" They then both made on themselves and entered into negotiations for the right to exist here on Earth.

Ms. McKinney was last seen applying for a position as "Horrible Despot" of several 3rd world nations. "Hey, I mean I've got the nerve, I've got the reputation, how hard can it be to hold sway over a few million starving, opressed by white America, unemployed, ethnic cleansing candidates ? It's like I was born for that one. Basically, my former Georgia constituents were the same people in spirit. I just couldn't have them macheted when they started getting uppity. Yep, I'll do good in that capacity."



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