Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Illegal Immigration Blues

To:Someone with sway in the GOP,
The phrase or any words to the affect of, "Jobs that Americans won't take" is so insulting, so take the wind out of my voting sails and most importantly, just so wrong that it is driving me to distraction and the President/anyone in the GOP must cease & desist this wholly untrue mantra or I fear you will lose many fence sitters.
This is a country built on the backs of many hard working LEGAL immigrants and citizens and it is painfully obvious that pandering to the Hispanic vote and the business contribution, is all tied up in a neat little bow in those 5 words. Let me tell you something else it accomplishes, it drives people away from the GOP en masse. If the circles I travel in and talk radio are any indication of the sentiment that those words engender in the base- personally, I flip the dial or hit the mute button and bite my tongue for the expletives that try to leap out- then you must stop it or at least finish the damn sentence, "...at a wage that has been driven down by an illegal workforce".
I know the current backbone of the party won't allow for such a statement of truth but it sure would be nice to see us have the kind of unwavering clarity and determination in the face of political correctness that is shown with people like Sec. Rice, John Bolton and our Iraq policy.
I would gladly roof all day in the California sun if it would pay more than what these illegals have to take. Oh and stop inferring that people are racists and xenophobes if they disagree with a porous border policy. That little tactic does NOT endear you to anyone, including the millions of LEGAL immigrants, many of whom I work with, that don't like seeing their standard of living run down by lawbreakers anymore than I do.
Do the right thing and not the political thing and you could hold all branches indefinitely.

Thanks for your time, Mark Ducharme



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