Sunday, April 30, 2006

The New "Red Scare", Now With More Blood

Here's a link to an interesting article about the big American witch hunt:Treason of the Clerks / Accused of sedition, a VA nurse beats the rap - David Weigel

Here's my Qs to the author:

Question(s): If our enemies had the same freedoms as us, would they stand a chance ?

Which leads to: Was Lincoln wrong when he said that the Constitution is NOT a suicide pact ?

Finally, in your mind, is there such a thing as treason ?

Make sure to respond carefully now, I DO know the correct answer(s). Please hurry though, I'm having a debate with a murder bomber later. I'm more accurate than him but the current restrictions on free speech and unlawful detainment may put me at a disadvantage.

To the guy what wrote the article: Hey yo, what up yo ?
To the guy responding: Hey, I'm a pretty clever guy....yo ?



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