Friday, April 14, 2006

Letter to congress

Dear (enter Rep./Senators name here),

I am writing you today as a veteran to ask that you please make a very STRONG statement, with your commitment to support the war on terror AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, to tell the truth of what is happening as the people who are fighting and dying in that war see it. They are being assaulted daily with lies, half truths and omisions in the media and have no voice as they cannot be political even though they are tossed around like footballs by politicians all of the time. These people, these best and brightest that our country has to offer, believe in their mission and if they had the full conviction and support of their fellow countrymen and women starting with those in places of leadership, the enemy would not stand a chance! The country was fully commited to victory during WWII and that is what made us unstoppable against what was relatively speaking, a much bigger threat than what we face now.

Fact is, the enemy is fully commited to OUR total destruction, so it is going to take leaders willing to seperate from conventional party dogma and unite as one,whole nation under God or otherwise and take it to these sadists in the way that only America can. Otherwise, our future is not guaranteed and it would be wrong headed to think that it is if we can't even unite to defeat what amounts to a bunch of insane mass murderers,with a telagraphed game plan.Even if you don't believe in US supremacy, I hope you do understand that we simply cannot be seen as quitters or failures in this endeavor or the times of terror attacks being common here at home lies just ahead.

So please do the right thing and not the political thing Congressman/Senator ------- and you will surely end up as one of the great statespersons in our not so long but hopefully everlasting history.

Sincerely, state your name. For more info on my claims as to the moral and state of mind of the American fighting man & woman in the war on terror please go to, I am sure that they would love to hear from you.



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