Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Prayer for the Fighting

The following is my response to, " On War and Party Politics ",a post by BrianR .

Would it be analogous to say, if I am a catcher on a winning baseball team(okay,we're in 1st place in the NL West,2 games over 500), and half my team decides not to show, that I should have my pitcher groove a BP fastball "right down Broadway" for their cleanup hitter,up 3,in the bottom of the 9th, with the bases loaded ? Man, you bring a whole new meaning to "dem Bums" lament of "wait'l next year".A man as smart as you should be rallying the troops(Your team?) to fight it out 'til the bloody end. There is no honor in consession. No pride in mediocrity.

Also, I can't believe that "rightmindedmom" is the only one to point out how out in leftfield your assessment of Michael Medved is, or anyone else in the "Bigs", when you say that he is suggesting that the stay at home repubs are traitors.That's not even close to the truth, and dear to my heart, Rush illustrates the concept of "(eventual) victory through surrender" brilliantly, with his "Cut and Run Conservatives" PSA.

Fight man! Win or lose,fight and fight hard to the bitter end ! The American Fighting Man is dying for us. The least we can do is put up a healthy fight on his behalf against the traitors that would cut off the funds for the mission HE BELIEVES IN. What would it say to him to risk ending the mission before he can succeed ? It would say that his brothers died in vain.

re;"Double standard, anyone?" D**n right I got a double standard.

Standard dems:"Alright men.Wait here,we'll figure out something once the focus group report comes back."
Standard conservative:"Follow me men.God and the Constitution will show the way."

No,losing is no small thing. But it's easy.2spot



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