Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy "Day Just Like Any Other" America !

This post is based on an answer to Dennis Pragers question,"Who would you save,a loved pet or a stranger"(paraphrase) as answered by someone I can't seem to link here.

A word to my secularist bretheren:Let me get this straight.You believe this life is it.So, your values are based on the here and now,not some esoteric concept like "as a secularist, I have to honor life above all else (naturally I don't believe in an afterlife)" when saying why you would chose the stranger over the pet.Excuse me but you just said, "I have to honor life".Your cat is a life.It's "accidental chemical makeup" is just different from yours and the strangers.They're both going to be dust in the end so what's the real difference besides your love of kitty? You say,"The stranger has the same 'awareness' as me". So what ? Are you aware that he slashed your tires in the parking lot ? How do you know what awareness a domesticated animal has anyway? And what if that cat held the DNA link in the chain leading to, a brave new world without wars led by, King Fluffy? If we are all just at the current end of the "primordial ooz's" accidentally launched experiment, some billions of years past, who are you to say who lives according to your perception of their inate superiority to other life forms? God? Save the cat or be a lousy -and not just a little inconsistent- secularist.

Your life is based on tangible, "proveable","facts".I mean, what if the stranger is a murderer? You're telling me that you would let your loyal,loveable (well,loveable) pet die so you could save a killer who is just going to end up as part of the same mud in some puddle of the future ? I'm afraid you miss Pragers point and even a hint of what it implies.You are endowed with a spark of the devine.The killer is too.You don't give up on that.Even when you pull the lever on the trap door at the gallows,you say a little prayer for the poor bugger.

Sorry to go all Freudian on ya now bub, but I see the same tendencies and traits apparent in most Athiests in you (minus most of the hate,that's why there's still hope for you) . You've been betrayed by the world, not God. He didn't turn his back on you, His creation has just fallen from grace and served as a poor pr firm for Him. Go for the stranger because he IS you.He's me.He's created in His likeness. The pet is loveable but there is no salvation for it.You know it.Your common sense knows it.You've just lost touch with your common sense.You've lost touch with Him.Maybe you never had it. Maybe you were just mouthing the words and now you have "realized" mans lone existence and experience here on the former "Paradise Gardens Inn and Suites". How can you, scientifically or otherwise, look at the treasures of your Creators' doing all around you, whether it be standing alone in the wilderness or watching children at play or the unbelievable acts of courage and true giving The American Fighting Man does every day or "miracles" of medicine or the World Trade Center Towers before they were destroyed by true evil and come to the conclusion that it's all just some big cosmic accident ? Come on,even Einstein said "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge,but imagination",I think. Even if he didn't, it's true. The country needs intellects like yours.It also needs enough imagination to hear our Creator when He's talking to us. Shh.You can hear Him everywhere.I know He's the force behind the bounty before me on this fine Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving all of you SecCon buddies and buddettes ! And common sense to all, and to all a good night. Oops,wrong holiday.



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