Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Victory Through Concession and the "It's All About Me" Principle

This was my big push to stop the "cut and run conservatives". I think the results speak for themselves.

Regarding folks that will only vote for "principled" conservatives or not at all, wasn't the "Me generation" back in the '70s ? We all understand.You want to matter. Every time you vote for an apparent conservative he changes as soon as he gets into office, leaving you as an inaffectual little nobody, holding the bag for an RNC tool or whatever you've taken to calling them these days. That does sting and don't think that you're the only one to feel that knife sliding into your back. But, the cold hard fact of the matter is, "creeping socialism" is what we live under in this country and short of another Revolution or at least a coup, it's going to take a very persistent, patient,piece by piece,lethargic,painstaking,slow but sure,move by incremental move, (well, you get the picture) kind of an effort to reverse what took decades to create. Remember "The New Deal" ? I know, no one does.They've come a long way baby. Now it's our turn.

So far, we've had "The Contract With America" -called "The Contract ON America" by the lapdog media in lockstep with their allys in congress - which resulted in a dem President signing welfare reform (I know I know, after vetos galore). I think there were 9 other aspects of the "contract", with some of them being worked on, while others fell by the wayside. That's politics. You shoot for the moon. You settle for a telescope with which to get a clearer view of it. But (again with the buts), some years later we've had 2 (THAT"S TWO !) conservative SCOTUS appointees successfully navigate their way on to the court. There's been enough tax cuts to turn the whole economy around AFTER the tech bubble burst AND the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. There's been an aggressive assault on the worldwide terror machine (If you don't believe me, the details of virtually every classified move are published in the NY Times on a regular basis). Also, we've gotten the "al qeda bill of rights" passed. John Bolton has languished without benefit of an up and down vote, along with numerous appeals courts judges (thank you King Squishy, ie: Sen. Frist) for years. And here's one issue that has GOP heroes AND goats. Border security. Pres. Bush would give amnesty to millions, but the GOP dominated congress stopped him. And those are just a few of the examples that go right, left and middle.

So what does the above indicate ? You don't get everything you want. The operative word here being YOU. If 1994 never happened, do you think any of the good stuff above would ever have happened ? (This is where I get to the point.) It's not just that you are one of them, " the glass is half empty", kinda people. No, it's a little more complicated. You must make an impact. Being heard is not enough. Your action/choice not to act must be the most important thing, because now they will bow down to you. Forever more, they will make sure you are happy before they act. The tables will turn. Once, you voted and hoped. Now, they will act according to your wishes or suffer the "conseplexes" (noun : a conclusion derived from ticking off ones principled -if not a little in need of therapy- constituents). And there's the rub. The "movement" isn't about the party getting what it can and surviving to fight another day for the next little piece of the puzzle, it's about your hurt feelings. Just listen to yourselves, "They're just a bunch of 'countryclub Republicans' !" "Ya! Stoopid RiNOs ! They won't even poor tons of money into California to try and beat an entrenched, virtually lifetime appointed, been in office since the Earth cooled dem ! What a buncha' posers dude !!!" You're the only people I know who say, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", that aren't being facetious.

Now for the analogy part of the blog. I work for a living. I drive to work. I like it when there's "holiday traffic" and I get to work real fast. That rarely if ever happens. To make sure that I do get to work fast, I don't drive 100 miles per hour. Neither do I respond to the fact that I can't have my way with the traffic by effectively saying, "Well fine then, I'll just go 20 mph below the speed limit ! Or forget that, I'll just stay home." The traffic will notice my absence about as much as the politicians will. They're both happy I'm gone, but for the most part, life goes on either way. Accepting for a few things. The backstabber at my shop will get promoted over me in the short run and, I will be working longer and harder to make up for lost time doing what I should've been doing all along, which is, dealing with the traffic and doing the best that I can to be a productive part of the shop. Also, nobody will carpool with me now (after that 100 mph thing) making the "gridlock" a little worse.

Or, to put it another analogy way. To take your vote and stay home as a way of "saying something" is tantamount to telling the candidates for sheriff in your town "Neither one of you does a good job at fighting crime, so to hell with it ! I'm just gonna dig a deeper basement and buy more canned goods !" What !?! Come again? Me thinks those politicians are lickin' their chops to not have to worry about winning one more vote. Believe me folks, a narrower electorate does not translate into MORE responsive "gub'ment". It makes for the opposite. And you in turn, will get that much more obstinate in your opposition to it. Brilliant. I'm sure Perot or Anderson will be by real soon to save us all from the Rinos.

It is intellectually dishonest, not to mention irresponsible, to NOT do something as an act of political disssidence. It is also the height of "meism" for lack of a better term, and plays right into the hands of those who are participating in "The Politics of National Destruction", (PND), which includes everyone from the lapdog media, to leftwing politicians,to the terrorists themselves(Yes,they play American politics too.What, you don't think they care who wins the elections? Please...) That last one is the one that gets me. You see, much like many of you, I am a veteran. I love the American Fighting Man. I love him. I also love him when he's a her.
Next to God, there is NO other force known to mankind responsible for the liberation of SO MANY human souls, and -in terms of current America- for the carefree lifestyle of so many people who don't have a clue as to how good they've got it, than those men and women. I repeat. I love them. I am alive because of them. You are free and able to discuss the impact of your silly little "actus-notdoneus" of grave importance, with all of your other screaming ME MEs because of them but mister, you pull the plug on those virtuous ones and you better never run into me without benefit of some sort of protective gear, because you will have blown it.And our blood enemies will know it, and they will be that much more encouraged to do harm to the people that serve as the only real buffer between us and an appointment with absolute destruction.

The American Fighting Man refuses to quit, and I refuse to let him die in vain.
If you know what's good for your country, neither will you. Now get out there and vote dammit. And vote to say, "Yes, I support you. I appreciate you. I am with you as you spill your blood in the mission that you believe in, as only a fighting patriot can."

Thank you and God Bless this great country, those who serve it in the armed forces and those who support him. And God help us all, if we are truly the minority in the "Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"
2spot, over and out



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