Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Response to Hugh Hewitts "Killer Myths of the Appeasement Media"

Here's the link to Hughs post: 'The Killer Myths of the Appeasement Media'

A lie is ? A lie. A liar is? A liar. Treason is? Treason.

There was a column a while back (that everyone from Rush to HH and back again cited)which laid out the whole chronology of lies from when EVERYONE, Clinton to every major fishwrap in the country, talked about Iraqs WMDs as common knowledge and just a few years later,literally all of those same LIARS were calling our President a liar non stop.

There is more than one front in WWIII. The American liars must be confronted and called for what they are.That is rarely done.To lie is not to merely disagree.It is lying.That is much different.Until we(Especially heavywheights like Hugh and hopefully very soon, an actual leader)are willing to identify the enemy,we will continue to be at a disadvantage. It can be acceptable to side with someone who disagrees with a national policy, but most Americans will NOT side with liars.

These people -the MSM,libs in government- know the same things as the people they slander, so, they are betraying their country or we are.America is at war and the only arguements a sane nation has in time of war is how best to be victorious.And even then, IT IS NOT DONE IN PUBLIC,ie:To the betterment of our enemies effort.

Hugh Hewitt,I implore you,legal deffinitions be damned,call these people out when they betray us.They are betraying the ones spilling their blood everyday. And they are not getting justice for it. This is wrong! It will not stand accept that our country is no longer blessed by a merciful but just God.



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