Sunday, November 26, 2006

Don't Let the "L.A.M.B." Lead U.S. to Slaughter

This is a post I put up on in Oct.

cnns' wolf blitzer, when defending his networks airing of SOLICITED terrorist propoganda/recruiting films, told Lynn Cheney words to the affect, "We have to show the news,even when the news is not so good". Well wolf, does that include reporting news that's not so good for the enemy ? Like, "Now there's 6,000 more Iraqis in peril because a U.S. serviceman was just gunned down by an illegal enemy combatant who was hiding behind a baby carriage and the Marine refused to fire back in self defense." Of course not. That's the point in a nutshell. The news that's "not so good" for U.S. servicemen is ALL that's shown except for the news that IS good for the killers. Now I see. It all averages out -50/50.

I know the coverage won't change. Hell, the culture of Liberal Activist Media Bias, or L.A.M.B. as I call it, won't even publish a humorous little photo of our side having some innocent (and poignant) fun with a pompous twit. But that doesn't mean we have to pay attention to it. It corrupts, it pollutes, it weakens morale resolve to the point where I here people who should know better, repeating the doomsayers talking points and agreeing with their predictions of things that might as well've already happened, even when they know that it's bad info (polls based on undersampling of republicans) that's put out by the L.A.M.B.s laughterhouse to try and affect the desired result that they previously predicted all wrong. Look, their views won in Viet Nam when they secured defeat, leaving thousands of young servicemens' records stained unjustly forever and they have been working ever since to wreak the same kind of havoc on their enemies -the defenders of liberty and capitalism. I say don't let them get away with it. Keep reading the blogs, find your news elsewhere than the L.A.M.B. machine and formulate your own conclusions from those facts without interference from "tragedy tv" as Laura Ingraham so accurately calls it. Won't it be great to see with your own eyes, the total and utter destruction of the networks and newspapers that have for so long been hostile to all that is good, decent and traditional in this country ? They got this way because once upon a time it was needed to expose the injustices that were happening to many in this country. The only problem is, the country has gotten much better while they have seen it to be continuing along a path towards fascism or whatever else their twisted logic sees. Of course they do this while ignoring TRUE crimes and attrocities like voter registration tampering by "a.c.o.r.n.", Castros' mass slaughter/imprisonment of his own people, the state of Massconfusion continuing to re-elect the Ill-legal firm of, frank,kennedy unt kerry etc. No my sympathetic ones, they will never change, so our only hope is to ignore them out of existence. Stop quoting the ny times for crying out loud ! It validates the rest of their tripe in the minds of so many. I believe that the right has a fully selfsustainable network of information with which to keep itself accurately informed. Don't use them except when making an accusation of treason or slander against our side. Americas' side. Isn't knowing that that's not their side enough not to pay them attention anymore ? Either slaughter the "L.A.M.B." with a new and improved "House Un-American Activities" commitee (right, like that will ever happen) or just shame them whenever we can and ingore them for the rest of the time.For what it's worth, I'm for the terrorists being just the start of the
suspencion of the writ of habeas corpus.2spot



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