Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quit America,To Win the War is MUCH Too Hard

Key to "Easy Life": Always Quit When Going is Tough
Sunday, December 24, 2006 2:52 PM
Unfortunately,many so called conservative thinkers go along with the "convetional wisdom" that says Iraq is a disaster and in so doing, legitimate the driveby medias constant attack on the psyche of decent Americans who rely on them("conservative" commentators)for bold insite as they don't have time to read fine columnists like Mr. Kevin McCullough here and all of the informative links he provides.

And that is what leads to my greatest frustration: If even 50% of the USA was actively united against the enemy,and the other 50% would just stop saying terrible things about us,our militsry,our President,then we would be unstoppable and the enemy knows it.

And that is what leads to my greatest anger: Those who speak out in public,ie:Democrat senators,congressmen,unexplainably respected celebrities and your occasional republican turncoat, claim to be speaking in the best interests of the nation by telling the truth of how evil WE are(while never even mentioning the truly evil acts of the enemy,let alone condemning them,but that's a whole other subject),are NEVER confronted with the simple question,"If you are really concerned for the good of the nation,wouldn't it be best to try and affect change behind the scenes and directly at the source,as in,the President,the Pentagon etc.?" And then the inevitable follow up,"Who else can it possibly help but the enemy when America is seen as a divided country,that with just enough sensless killing will eventually lean all the way over and fall into full surrender,now that so called U.S. leaders are willing to show more allegiance to the stance of our enemy than to their fellow countrymen and women in uniform?"

Our own war to maintain the Union was a "disaster" that should've been aborted.
WWII was in doubt for years and America was not even the preeminent superpower that she now is.
The Revolutionary War was "A terrible idea" that would only lead to needless death and destruction of property.
We were through in "The war of 1812".
The first Gulf War "Would require 100,000 body bags".

I guess things never change.If it were easy and everyone agreed,I guess this wouldn't be America. It just seems to me that there is an unprecedented tally of LEADERS in CONGRESS who openly show disdain for their own country and its leadership during time of war and I can't help but wonder if this not the time when we have finally pushed our preference for freedom of EVERYTHING,including sedition and out and out treason(see:NY Times/their sources,Joe Wilson,Pros.Fitzgerald etc.),over a natural desire for self preservation.

Iraq IS doing good,relatively good. We lost thousands on "D-day",we were doing good.Antietam was horrific,we still had 3 more years of horror.America didn't quit because the cause was virtuous.Now people who believed in this mission enough to make a fully informed vote for it,are savaging the effort and giving the enemy their biggest I.E.D. by sanctioning their evil work. Because if the enemy were to lose,(You know,as in America wins?) then everything the democrats say would be proven wrong,thus illustrating why they must speak as loudly and as publicly as possible so as to bring about the failure of this effort,because if it's one thing a politician cannot be seen as,it's wrong.

Yes,we need more positiveness like
this work by Mr.Kevin McCullough,but we also need a whole lot of shame directed at the forces of defeatism as their way is spreading and can only lead to the REAL worst thing about Viet Nam: Acquiescing to a great evil.



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