Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Liberals,by Deffinition,are Liars if not Jes Plane Stoopit

Dennis Prager made a brilliant point the other day that I can't believe someone as smart as me -or anyone else that I've ever heard for that matter- did not already come up with and this is it:

If the lefts reason for being anti-death penalty is rooted in the fear of an innocent
person being executed (something that virtually never happens now with the advent
of DNA,the appeals process and the burden of proof required from the prosecution),
then they must also acknowledge the fact that this policy exposes countless more
innocent victims to the horrors of being killed,raped,molested or otherwise harmed
by these same paroled killers,rapists,molesters and other portrayers of attrocities
upon the masses.

The numbers aren't even close when comparing these two classes of victimhood. A day doesn't go by where you can't find a story of some piece of human refuse, with a criminal record verging on that of your average malevolent dictators,who takes a small child or criple in a wheelchair and does something unspeakable to them not to mention all of the more common mayhem they perpetrate that barely elicits a yawn from the authorities who have bigger offices to occupy,er um, crimes to persue and prosecute.

So just remember that the next time some snivling, danny glover, commy pinko,che guevera loving type pulls the "Hey man, I saw where some poor guy got railroaded for nothing because the sherriff was a racist". Remind him of all of the truly innocent who are killed brutally by the policies of the left. Besides,the solution to the racist sherriff is to put him away and throw the key in the comode,not have a wholesale release of the scum of the earth.



At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberals = Progres del Norte. Liberals = Politicamente correctos


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