Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kill the Babies - Save the Green cards

Congress to Immigrants: Abortion your ticket

AP: Sources in the new democrat led congress confirmed today that Speaker Pelosi has authored a new plank of their immigration policy which will include what is already being coined as, "The anchor abortion amendment".

CB (congressional bill) "we-b-4-86n-TJ-bay-Bs", has not been finalized as of this printing but Speaker Pelosi,according to the sources,has already conferred with republican leadership and she has been assured that the bill will get the necessary votes to become law.

Included in the bill is an unprecedented incentive for any undocumented immigrant female to abort her fetus: Instant Citizenship. The source quotes Ms. Pelosi as saying that any female,of any age,"Who is brave enough and bold enough to achieve true American womanhood through this courageous act of choice, is welcome to live as long as she wants in my America."

The vote on this initiative is expected to take place after midnight sometime this coming week, right after congress puts the finishing touches on the "Immigrant Pedophiles are Noble and Brave Persons" resolution, that has been stalled ever since they started work on how to defund the current acts of American terrorism going on in Iraq,Afghanistan and points unknown.

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