Wednesday, January 24, 2007



"Wanted - Dead or Alive - You!" Well actually,"they" want you dead and dead only. Who's this "they" I speak of you ask? I know you know one of them. That's right. And the other? No it's not the GOP ya thilly! Okay okay, I'll lay my cards on the a minute.

Who makes statements, for an affect that is accomplished mind you, that are indistinguishable from those made by certain donkey riding purveyors of mass murder? You got it,the DNC and their wholly owned subsidiary: The awful office holders of Voinovich,Hagel,Campbell and Smith to name four. Say what? You wish your hard drive was equipped with a vomit port too? Yeah I know how you feel.(Could there be a large enough, industrial sized tampoon in existence,to mop up the mess that's between these guys legs ?)

The afforementioned foursome are riding a donkey of a different sort than the one that the wonderful Mr. "Been Rotten", as my kid calls him, proudly plasters his bony but on for the occasional photo-op. Still though, I think he'd be in trouble were he to get between a camera and Chucky Schumer. But, I digress. The issue at hand: The United States Senate, with full cooperation from several GOPsters who know better, is about to send the killers of your national boddyguards a big ol' wet, sloppy kiss in the form of a nonbinding resolution (Quick! Name for me the great "nonbinding resolutions" in American history...okay, I'll check back when you deglaze your eyes...Bonus Q:Name the authors of these great documentations of the inner workings of the W.U.S.S.Y. "intelect").

Yep, that's right, you heard right, the secret words for tonight are 'cowardice' and 'obfuscate'. When they are exposed as resembling the first secret word, they simply resort to the second. Well I've got a question for 'em: You folks say that you want what's best for the country. That you only want what's best for the American Fighting Man and his mission and because of that,when you see imperfection in the administrations war plan, you must interject and see to it that these wrongs are righted so that the most noblest of American intentions will be backed by the most effective of her actions, right? No perfection, no endorsement. Not by you anyway. And to bring it all home, a nice little 'resalucian, de nun biendeigh'.

Beautiful! The question? I guess this means that from now on, whenever you principaled,willing to shove a knife in the backs of our best (Even though, that is what their new General is telling you what your actions amout to), won't commit to anything until it's perfect types, have a bill before you that is laden with pork and all kinds of anti-constitutional crimes against the electorate, you'll not only refuse to sign it but you will go the extra mile and make a resolution condeming it in the most public and selfrighteous manner possible, right ?

That's what I thought. Now put your hypocritical tale back between your legs where it belongs and get behind the mission. Okay?

Sign the pledge people. For yours. For mine. For those bleeding for yours and mine.How can He keep looking the other way as we insist on not honoring his gift with a healthy desire to survive.
It's not much, but maybe it'll halp.



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