Sunday, February 04, 2007

Medved knifes "The Border Two Few" again

Medved Hypocrisy: Full Speed Ahead !

Thursday on the Michael Medved show your intrepid host referred to imprisoned border agents, Ramos & Compean, in sympathetic tones and insisted that he had not read any official court transcript. He also did not mention any of the other very easy to find info that indicates the very strong possibility these two patriots are being railroaded. So, apparently this is a case that doesn't warrant Mr. Medveds' attention.

Then, just as the show was ending, he made sure to make a point of how Ramos and Compean were guilty as charged and convicted by a jury of their peers. They did terrible things he said, including destroying evidence.

So which is it Mr. Medved. You don't really know much about this or you are fully informed enough to take the word of a drug smuggler and accept that there is nothing fishy going on here ?

Your credibilty is damaged by this "sloppyness" and I will be taking your future statements of fact on other issues with a grain of salt. On this case you have no credibility.

The so called justice system has been known to perpetrate travesties constantly in recent times. From the Sandy Burglar case to so many more that I would have carple tunnel just trying to recount those from the last year here. Yet you accept this one, so full of doubt to even the slightest of glances, as perfect justice.

I am truly disappointed.



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