Tuesday, February 06, 2007

FREE THEM President Bush ! re:"The Border Two Few"

Dear Mr. President re: "The Border Two Few"

This is my plea for justice, to President Bush. Go here to do the same. Mr. President,I believe that you are a man who cares about justice.From everything that I've learned about this case,it is at least hugely questionable that these men recieved justice and I am 100% foursquare in my conviction that it is a travesty for them to be sentenced so harshly and without the right to remain free while they appeal this decision.

Mr. President,I plead for you to awaken my faith in you and your administration,as it was shattered with the news of this event.Don't wait until hours before your leaving,to pardon these two patriots,like others have done for the sake of criminals.Stand up proudly before the American people and make the statement that the sentries at the gate -the ones protecting us from the evil of drug smugglers,cop-killers and even terrorists as in 2000 with the "Millenium Bomber"- are one with national security and they will not be forsaken by you,and if you can set it into law,by any other administration in the future.

Do this and you will have my allegiance and the loyalty of millions more.But most importantly,you will be acting in a very just and noble way on behalf of the cause of liberty and American security.

Feel free to use it if you like. 2spot
Also,this video from last September is amazing.



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