Monday, July 09, 2007

And the Band Played on...

There is a set of plainly stated facts in this column by Lorie Byrd at Wizbang blog.

They have a great blog over there and link to the absolute cream of the blog world. This story includes much of that solid sourcing. As for the story itself, may you please say a prayer for Airman Jonathan Schrieken ? He is much more deserving of American support and attention than the scum at Gitmo, his assailant (if the media even mentions this story,how much do you wanna bet they show the would be killer in a sympathetic light ?) or any of your garden variety purveyors of nonsense on what has become the average episode(ic) of Hannity and Colmes or any other "news" program.("Tragedy TV" as Laura Ingraham likes to call it.) God bless, and keep you from any further unnecessary harm, Airman Schrieken

And here's to truth in the lapdog,advocate, home of the leftwing extremists, mouthpiece for the DNC, mainstre....Holy crap, what am I saying? Honesty from those creeps? I've been engaging leftwing wack jobs too much, the delusional is rubbing off on me, ugh.



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