Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once Upon A Now, at the End of Times

If "I think, therefore I am" / frees us all, the white the tan
How'd we fall for this lame sham / by the founders of the Klan ?

It's much more than high ideals / or lofty exultations
Ill thoughts -this worlds' "god" conceals / while lies get propagation

"Spreading wealth" is very bad / so don't you bring attention
To "The One" and hurt his fad / so long job - bye-bye pension

His "hope" of bankrupting corps / and light bills through the ceiling
The truth his lying mouth warps / Fear this man? trust that feeling!

Lapdogs say, "Judge not his friends!" / Nor for achievements look
Mind not means, and neither ends / And like them, you'll love this crook

LA Times hides hate filled screed / while Barry sits applauding
Why'd they do this dirty deed? / Your trust, their job, defrauding

As "scribes" go, deep he is not / search: "essays", there's no entries
Accepting his, fake bio rot / no grades past "elementaries"

Banning guns, and babies too / his full time dedication
"Hope" for him, bad change for you / Don't whine, that's "transformation"

Pro-molester, his courts are / so don't you get assaulted
Friends of porn? They'll pass his "BAR" / queers, dykes now all exalted

If per chance, you keep us free / your flesh keeps us from terror
You got hurt? Just pay the fee / that's "change", that's not an error

Twenty years, with racist Wright ? / "That's wrong!", says press, "No linking!"
Under bus, he's out of sight / But Sarah's smeared for winking ?!

All in all, none dumber than / one racist, "Slow-Joe" Biden
"O looks smart!", that was the plan / "IQ gap"? Watch it widen

That's not all, big lies a key / Needing a whopper teller
One debate, fifteen told he / O said "Joe, that was stellar!"

Here we are, a hundred in / debt doubled, by these "winners"
Speaking up, a "cardinal sin" / "SHUT UP YOU!" says their spinners


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For Whom Barack Tolls...

...He Tolls for Thee

So hard to stop the smothering / it is too difficult
To stop the big "Big Brothering"/ that is Baracks "O-cult"
Our working brains must suffer / marxist "leaders" who insult
Preaching tax 'n spend's no tougher / than, false idol(s), to exalt

Our once proud Founding Fathers / spin at maximum revs'lution
Elite class has no bothers / Their "fix"? our futures' execution
Sins used for their excuse to / tax our well-fed, fat behinds off
Let's now fight and refuse to / sup at "B. Husseins' Mankind Trough"

For the "good of all" / chant gun retrievers
"Hands against the wall! / well armed achievers"
"You there, earning cash / onto your 'greed', are we"
"Hand to us your stash / or you'll serve 1 to 3"

No place for you to hide / not even in the womb
Pro-Life (you, they deride) - precepts B.O. does doom
Up spines, there goes the shivers / from state enforced mortalities
NEW FINES: for "hoarding" livers / or fighting "His" legalities

So if per chance you catch one / small glimpse of Liberty
O's chains, to her, attach none / lest you turn "lib-dirty"
That is the way THEY do it / that is the way it's done
To freedom they say "screw it" / their rights now under "His" gun

Hide you not in your hard work / nor to your God pray thee
Love "Him" not and you're a jerk / too "blind with hate" to see
Just watch the "news" and believe / no doubts enter your noggin
Embrace his views, to his "truth" cleave / or you they'll soon be floggin'